23 January 2008

Kid's Garden - 2007 - Further

Quality: 4 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 4.25 out of 5

This is an album masterminded by the blogger behind George De Large's Music To Take Drugs To. He's recently released this fine album which dives deep into the world of shoegaze and brit pop. I think the name of his blog probably helps one to understand the vibe of this particular disc, and it's a pretty high quality release.

Starting off with the more negative comments, I think this album is slightly shortchanged by the sequencing. There are some fine wispy, heavily reverbed acoustic-based tracks on the first half of the album that are pleasant enough, but I didn't really sit up and take notice until the seventh track. "Into Her Eyes" is a short overture into the really impressive part of the album. With "Deepest Skies I" the beat picks up a little bit, the vocals suddenly seem more assured, and the swirly sorts of sounds that I love enter the picture. Kid's Garden starts cultivating a sound that recalls the majesty of A Storm In Heaven-era Verve while applying some Slowdive-like textures.

The song suite of "Further (On And On)," "Lost Inside You," and "1995" make up the sonically expansive centerpiece of the album. After the title tracks gives us a great brit-pop song with a mild Manchester beat, "Lost Inside You" plunges us into a well of reflective sound, finally reaching the bright coda of "1995." It's a nice sonic journey.

Further is a fine release which would be a fine contender to help spearhead the wave of online music that Radiohead attempted to start last year. Give it a listen and then head over to George's blog to tell him what you think. It's an interactive world now.

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Unknown said...

thank you for this, i really appreciate it!

i thought it was funny you commented on the pacing. on the physical album, tracks 1-6 are marked as Side A, and 7-13 is Side B (track 14 is secret, and not shown on the packaging). "into her eyes" is the opening to side B! side A is mostly older songs based off of acoustic guitar, with "Ourselves," a newer song, as the exception. Side B is all newer, more electronic, recordings for the most part. "1995" was written years ago, but it is a new recording thats featured on the album. the album was supposed to end with "winter's song" but then i wrote "Cold Water" right before i was about to get it printed.

wow i got carried away there...

thanks again!