13 September 2016

A Few of the Doctor's Visions in Toyama, Japan

21 Century Seeker and the Doctor's Ramblings

The Doctor has been distracted -  awakenings to the fabric of reality and such.  My reading list has shifted from light history, science, and bios to metaphysics.  I haven't really been listening to much new music - mostly droning music (much of which I've posted here in the past), 70 jazz and R&B (which may not be the best fit here, but maybe!), and the mid-life crisis resurrection of my junior high school playlist (and this means Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction, et al; really not a good fit here).  I don't think I'm getting too weird.  My life situation, personal relations, and personal health seem to have actually kicked up a few notches since the start of this year.  And we've still got plenty of our own creations coming to you.  We've got a Glaze album, EP, and an album under a new project called Electrick Sages already in the can - we just want to make some video clips and space out the releases.  I'm not trying to boast or to give you authoritative advice - your own path is up to you.  Still, I can put a few signposts around town.

And here is today's.  May I refer you to this fellow named Victor Oddo whom I first came across about two months ago.  I thought that Glaze bandmate Scott had referred me, but it turns out that I had just stumbled on in, and ended up referring Scott - and now you.  Oddo is a very direct speaker giving very direct reflections to those who get the nagging realization that life is but a dream.  Of course he shouldn't be your only resource for that sort of thing, but he's a very entertaining one.  I'm a little surprised myself that I have been devoting my breakfast viewing listening to a talking head who doesn't appear on the surface appear to be someone I would connect with (gym gear, serious tattoos, and high and tight haircuts are not norms in my own social circles).  Some of the things he says seem very tripped out, but I've found more and more that when he says it, I've already had recent experiences or intimations that synchronize with what he's saying.  Things with a new age whiff do prickle the skeptic in me, but Oddo seems to be lacking the veneer of BS that typically goes with that. If I've got your attention, check this out.  If not, this is probably not your cup of tea right now.  Anyway, let's connect with a blog:


And a Youtube channel:


Let me follow that up with a few reflections on Glaze of Cathexis' Neon Buddha from a few years back.  Maybe it's hard to completely trust and/or believe a speaker on Youtube, or someone who simply managed to get their ideas published in a book - but you've got to put stock in your own perception.  That album was the last time that I did serious lyrics writing (the task is typically up to Scott).  As I pursue the path, I find that the lyrics I wrote contain a lot of truth that I had absolutely no inkling of when I wrote them.  I know what I was thinking at the time, and I was just trying to string together words that sounded cool into phrases, verses, and choruses that sounded cool.  So, paradoxically, my unawakened past self is also serving as one of my guides.  I don't know if that effect will work for anyone else, but it certainly is trippy in the deepest sense of the word.  I think Scott's lyrics often have a similar effect, but I didn't write those, so I don't have the first hand experience to know exactly where they came from.  I dunno, check out our old album if you haven't already?  It's free and it may be this creator's personal favorite of the Glaze of Cathexis recordings:

I may have not been particularly present here, but let me restate that I am not abandoning this blog.  These days I only post when I feel a real push to do so.  Uploading tunes has become quite a multi-step chore for me unfortunately.  While I've more or less been throwing format out the window, I do want to return some focus to the music.  I'm planning to drop the quality scale - if I'm posting here I like it enough that I want you to listen, and you can judge the quality on your own.  I may rely on some Youtube album links if that doesn't bother you too much.  Of course the Trip-O-Meter will remain - that's far too groovy to drop.  Anyone up for more funk, soul, and fusion?