28 May 2021

Up in Smoke (w/ Tommy Chong)

  Not so obscure, but pretty psychedelic, man.  And we’ve got the Far Out Man himself on the line to get into the film, fish, Atlanta’s future ‘Stoned Mountain.’


30 March 2021

The Doctor Podcasts Trek With Rod Roddenberry

If you're into psychedelic obscurities, there's a fair chance you also dig some Star Trek.  Here, my co-host and I get into First Contact with Rod Roddenberry.


18 March 2021

Electrick Sages - 2021 - Cave at the End

I may not get out the psychedelic reviews these days, but I do try and pump out those sounds.  Seven sages, seven stones, seventh album here.  You'll get aural references to Bowie, Gang of Four, and weird krautrock, and we've got a crack drummer in tow for this one.  He and I used to punk rock it out in the 90's.  Have a listen for free and throw a tip this way if it's warranted.  I make this stuff because I simply must - I'd otherwise go absolutely unhinged.


If you would like to hear the Doc speak from week to week, I do it about sci-fi films, podcast style, these days.  Get into that here:

12 August 2020

Magical Mystery Tour Podcast (w/ Dan Richter)

I just assume that I've gotta stay obscure.  But this isn't quite obscure.  We dad a chat with John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1970-era personal assistant Dan Richter. He also starred in "2001: A Space Odyssey" as the ape you all know. The man has some stories to tell. We almost talked about the Magical Mystery Tour, but there were too many other things to get into.  

You can look up "Matt and Luke's Sci-fi Sanctuary" on You Tube or your favorite podcast catcher, or you could head here:


12 June 2020

Electrick Sages - 2020 - Party Season of the Sun

Your very own universe becomes Technicolour as time, fear, and Samsara fade away.  Dig our trip, playing away in this weird pocket of Japan that remains Shinshu - "the Pure Land."  We're reverberating off the vibrations of Joy Division, Can, Underworld, the Pink Floyd, and trying to translate Lenin into Lennon, and vice versa.  Bach too - Matt had a cello practically forced back into his hands in 2019 after 11 years of not touching one, and decided the only thing to do was to become obsessed with it.

08 June 2020

"In This Time of Spartacus" and "From Samsara to Moksha" by Electrick Sages

We've been busy at work here at the garage.  A new album will drop Friday, and here are a pair of video clips to whet the pallete.  We move forward when we form our own cultures - as long as they add vibrance to other positive cultures.

18 April 2020

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (w/ Norman Lao and John Champion from "Mission Log")

I've got a lot of new music on the cooker, but this is the 2020's and it is time for Khan - in the Doctor's sci-fi podcast.  We've got some real Trek dudes from the deep diving Mission Log podcast to bring in the insight as well.  Nothing's more psychedelic than the Mutara Nebula.

05 March 2020

VA - 2020 - Crossing The Cosmic Void (Full Compilation)

Five hours of psychedelic insanity from the Aumega netlabel.  The Garage makes a couple appearances with "In the Land of Temples" and "Stalking the Wild Pendulum."

MP3s of the whole trip are available here:

And don't forget the Electrick Sages recent "Aterui (Lord of the Bad Road)", which is available for "pay whatever you want:"

"Flash Gordon" at the Sci-Fi Sanctuary

You can't get more psychedelically weird that this cult sci-fi masterpiece, which apparently is a big thing in the UK as my co-host Luke states.  We rap quite about about the bizarre zone this flick lives in and do a questionable version of the theme song.

15 January 2020

Matt and Luke's Sci-Fi Sanctuary on YouTube

My focus these days has been more on the wild world of sci-fi cinema.  I think more than a few psych-heads may be down with that as well.  If you don't mind the occasional colorful metaphor, have a listen.  We just had our rant about 2001: A Space Odyssey while last month was Star Wars month.

30 December 2019

Electrick Sages - 2019 - Aterui (Lord of the Bad Road)

Ending out the year with a slice of the Electrick Sages.  Aterui was an aboriginal chief in northern Japan who stood his ground against the encroaching rose of "civilization."  It's got a good thought or two to thunk about.  We're doing our art rock think, with notable sprinkings of Philly Soul, electronica, and a whole new bass rumble with a recently acquired copy of the Bass of Doom (think Jaco Pastorius)  Have a listen and support us a bit at Bandcamp if you're feeling that holiday spirit:

Meanwhile, we're dropping f-bombs with the ultimate boy band, Psychedelically Violent.  This is all of my raging Id, and it seems to have funneled down into my own personal Ween album.  For this one, listen if you dare:

22 December 2019

What Has the Doctor Been Up To?

Obviously not reviewing psychedelic albums.  Truth be told, I've been busy trying to master the Bach Cello Suites on a proper cello.  I've also been talking sci-fi movies with me UK mate, and I imagine at least three of you are probably into both psychedelic music and sci-fi movies.  I think we use all seven of the dirt words from time to time.  It's on Apple Podcasts and stuff, but here's a link elsewhere:


We've got two albums coming down the pipe on December 28th, both will be available at http://rovingsagemedia.bandcamp.com along with the many other original sounds from the Psychedelic Garage.  Get your start with this promo vid:

10 June 2019

Electrick Sages - "Heat and Light" Video

Our last album's picking up some momentum.  Why not this one as well?  Experience our HEAT, and our LIGHT with this video.  Then light a candle and stare into it for an hour.

25 May 2019

Electrick Sages - The "Unknown" Reality Video

While I don't review much these day, people seem to dig it when I follow my own musical tangents.  I've got a new iPad and dove headfirst into doing the video creation myself.  So do have a look at my psychedelic dive though the energy vibrations of some temples in Japan.  It sort of doubles as my book review for Jane Roberts' book, The "Unknown" Reality, which you should have a read into.

And get into the full album here.  I can be a free-for-all, but if you want to contribute to the cause, even that single dollar brings a smile to my starving artist heart.

12 May 2019

Doin' Otis and Paul

I've been lugging a cheap guitarlele to Japanese temples and jammin' on songs I dig.  I guess I'm not in such a reviewing mood.  But hey, maybe you'll get into my jam?