25 February 2018

Electrick Sages - Telepathine Video

We're always busy making music here at the garage, and here's a fun sized bit to gnaw on.  My eight-year-old daughter always want me to play Prince in the car, and working with Curtis Mayfield's keyboardist a few months ago had me binging on Curtis.  Pour in some 8-bit psychedelia, throw in a dash of mystical politics, and you've got "Telepathine."  The album, now titled "Weapons of Mass Instruction," is due to drop on March 2nd.

23 February 2018

Glaze of Cathexis - 2018 - Grooviest Glaze (2012 - 2016)

For better or for worse, the delirious psychedelic rocking of the Glaze of Cathexis is now in our past while we continue as the plastic soul weirdos of the Electrick Sages.  These are the tunes that folks played the most as we were "glazing" and bowing at the shines of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Husker Du while thinking about John Lennon and R.E.M.    The results skew a bit towards the live-wire noise rock edge of the band, but head on over to the albums at http://glazeofcathexis.bandcamp.com if you need some more baladeering and ambient instrumentals.  This release does give you a full glance at our DNA, though.  The band ran for ten years, so this is the second half of the journey.  We'll hit up some of the preliminaries at another time.  "High Desert Prophecies" video is included with this download.