22 April 2019

Electrick Sages - 2019 - The "Unknown" Reality

Following down the razor-edge Katahdin path from rock n' roll to plastic soul on this continuing psychedelic journey.  The "Unknown" Reality was a book by Jane Roberts and her husband while she "channelled" the non-physical entity Seth.  You don't have to buy than - but you should read the book.  And you should listen to this album.

Here's a kind of formal intro:
Take a psychedelic, plastic soul journey into the "Unknown" Reality with the Electrick Sages. Scott Atkinson (AUS) and Matt Comegys (US) have been setting the controls to "groovy" in the heart of Japan for more than a decade. The duo made straight-up psychedelic rock as Glaze of Cathexis and electronica as Damaged Tape before careening off into deep space on the good ship Funkinstein, with the ghost of David Bowie at the helm and George Clinton in the captain's chair. 

This new collection includes the electrode stomp of the title track, the leisure suit footstompin' of "Underground Wonderland," a trip of the mind to the edge of our solar system with "O'muamua," and the fractured, yet poppy soundscapes of "Flash in my Wingspan" and "Heat and Light."