30 March 2021

The Doctor Podcasts Trek With Rod Roddenberry

If you're into psychedelic obscurities, there's a fair chance you also dig some Star Trek.  Here, my co-host and I get into First Contact with Rod Roddenberry.


18 March 2021

Electrick Sages - 2021 - Cave at the End

I may not get out the psychedelic reviews these days, but I do try and pump out those sounds.  Seven sages, seven stones, seventh album here.  You'll get aural references to Bowie, Gang of Four, and weird krautrock, and we've got a crack drummer in tow for this one.  He and I used to punk rock it out in the 90's.  Have a listen for free and throw a tip this way if it's warranted.  I make this stuff because I simply must - I'd otherwise go absolutely unhinged.


If you would like to hear the Doc speak from week to week, I do it about sci-fi films, podcast style, these days.  Get into that here: