30 December 2019

Electrick Sages - 2019 - Aterui (Lord of the Bad Road)

Ending out the year with a slice of the Electrick Sages.  Aterui was an aboriginal chief in northern Japan who stood his ground against the encroaching rose of "civilization."  It's got a good thought or two to thunk about.  We're doing our art rock think, with notable sprinkings of Philly Soul, electronica, and a whole new bass rumble with a recently acquired copy of the Bass of Doom (think Jaco Pastorius)  Have a listen and support us a bit at Bandcamp if you're feeling that holiday spirit:

Meanwhile, we're dropping f-bombs with the ultimate boy band, Psychedelically Violent.  This is all of my raging Id, and it seems to have funneled down into my own personal Ween album.  For this one, listen if you dare:

22 December 2019

What Has the Doctor Been Up To?

Obviously not reviewing psychedelic albums.  Truth be told, I've been busy trying to master the Bach Cello Suites on a proper cello.  I've also been talking sci-fi movies with me UK mate, and I imagine at least three of you are probably into both psychedelic music and sci-fi movies.  I think we use all seven of the dirt words from time to time.  It's on Apple Podcasts and stuff, but here's a link elsewhere:


We've got two albums coming down the pipe on December 28th, both will be available at http://rovingsagemedia.bandcamp.com along with the many other original sounds from the Psychedelic Garage.  Get your start with this promo vid: