04 July 2013

Glaze of Cathexis - 2013 - Prophecies of the All-Seeing Sage

Riding on the waves of shoegazing guitar, mid-60's jangle, and an electric rock n' roll shock to the brain comes the newest Glaze of Cathexis album.  With this new set of original music from the Garage, we're continuing the metaphysical Journey to the Center that we started mapped out on the two EPs released in the previous few months.  Some folks on the mind while recording include the Bloody Valentines, Sonic Youth, Can, Marc Bolan, raga, and of course a healthy dose of the psychedelic Beatles.  I put a special focus on the guitar tones for this one and I hope they make fuzzy fireworks of warm electricity in your mind.   Psychedelic rocking in the astral garage.  I'd love for you to pass around this music and share.

Scott had this to say:

Beyond the rolling canyons of soaring, rippling water,
on The Beach of Volcanoes foam shines, bejeweled 
as dewy tiaras of rainforest princesses. Meanwhile, in
in the ever-now and forever-more, bright tawny sand 
sighs and squeaks under the cosmos-questing shamen,
breathing in and out whole worlds; with benevolent 
twinkles in their mind`s third eye, on their eternal pilgrimage 
for the illusion-penetrating, ever-engroovied boon to all beings

You can have your listen and download over here at Bandcamp:

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