04 January 2018

Electrick Sages - 2018 - The Cowboy of Free Market Capitalism

Where have I been?  Listening to crateloads of funk, soul, and electric jazz.  My daughter only accepts Prince playing in the car.  So here we are - joined by Buzz Amato - a keyboard extraordinaire who played with and was musical director for Curtis Mayfield's band in the late 80's, and who has also played with groovy acts like Slave and The Three Degrees.  We've got his services on a vintage Fender Rhodes electric keyboard and Hammond organ sending the title tune into the absolute stratosphere.

"Voyage of the Celeste" is an electronic journey through digital nodes taking you to the words of our Roving Sage, Australian mystic Scott Atkinson on "Cloudland Cloudscape Vast."  Then, if you're missing the psychedelic rock tones of the Glaze of Cathexis, your desires shall be satisfied on "Cosmologic Medicine."  It was never an outtake - it just took me forever to get the guitar and vocals right, but now they are.

We're here to send Atlantean vibrational tones through your skull as we all reach for immaculate tomorrows.  Deep dive with us here as we explore the subconscious infinite with this EP and video.  Our plastic soul LP will drop down to you on February 13th.