25 May 2019

Electrick Sages - The "Unknown" Reality Video

While I don't review much these day, people seem to dig it when I follow my own musical tangents.  I've got a new iPad and dove headfirst into doing the video creation myself.  So do have a look at my psychedelic dive though the energy vibrations of some temples in Japan.  It sort of doubles as my book review for Jane Roberts' book, The "Unknown" Reality, which you should have a read into.

And get into the full album here.  I can be a free-for-all, but if you want to contribute to the cause, even that single dollar brings a smile to my starving artist heart.

12 May 2019

Doin' Otis and Paul

I've been lugging a cheap guitarlele to Japanese temples and jammin' on songs I dig.  I guess I'm not in such a reviewing mood.  But hey, maybe you'll get into my jam?