22 August 2016

Glaze of Cathexis - 2016 - The High Desert Prophecies

It's just behind the veil of illusion that tickles your senses. You catch a glimpse of it through the substance that is around you. Your ancestors may seem ignorant in the bright lights of the technological world, but a few of them got it. Let's take a tryp toward the Center fueled by primordial vibrations and rock and roll. Glaze of Cathexis is a long running psychedelic rock concern that plays off the echoes of shoegaze, John Lennon, and the Doors. Dig it.

Sorry I haven't really been updating much recently.  I've been out on my own trip (partially documented in this music) and just haven't felt the fire to crank up psychedelic obscurities and then rate them.  And if you don't feel the fire, you probably shouldn't bother.  Not to say I'm vanishing.  I may tackle the music from another angle, ramble on the metaphysical, continue with the film fests or something else.  You will find new music from us here if you want to hear it.

Now is wonderful and my creative energies are rumbling - just at a different frequency.  Let's move onto the tunes, which live at Bandcamp and are free (contributions are very welcome, but not at all required).  Here we go:

And a touch of the visual for you.  The first one is new and the second you may have caught a few months back.

Of course we hope you enjoy, but our real goal is to spark you, wake you up, and maybe even prod you to open a few new doors of enlightenment.  Shouldn't that be the goal of every musician?