28 May 2021

Up in Smoke (w/ Tommy Chong)

  Not so obscure, but pretty psychedelic, man.  And we’ve got the Far Out Man himself on the line to get into the film, fish, Atlanta’s future ‘Stoned Mountain.’


30 March 2021

The Doctor Podcasts Trek With Rod Roddenberry

If you're into psychedelic obscurities, there's a fair chance you also dig some Star Trek.  Here, my co-host and I get into First Contact with Rod Roddenberry.


18 March 2021

Electrick Sages - 2021 - Cave at the End

I may not get out the psychedelic reviews these days, but I do try and pump out those sounds.  Seven sages, seven stones, seventh album here.  You'll get aural references to Bowie, Gang of Four, and weird krautrock, and we've got a crack drummer in tow for this one.  He and I used to punk rock it out in the 90's.  Have a listen for free and throw a tip this way if it's warranted.  I make this stuff because I simply must - I'd otherwise go absolutely unhinged.


If you would like to hear the Doc speak from week to week, I do it about sci-fi films, podcast style, these days.  Get into that here: