21 January 2008

Glaze Of Cathexis - 2008 - The Holographic Universe

A few months back I posted some of my own music. The links for some reason ended up deleted, but let's try this again as I want you to hear it. If you downloaded it the first time, this one does have a very different track listing, so you might want to do it again (unless, of course, you hated it).

There's a lot a debate concerning the legality of downloaded music on music blogs. My position is that I try to keep links for recent releases off of my site as those artists are on the frontline of the market, and do deserve some income for their recording troubles. For older albums, it certainly is a gray area, but I have no guilt about downloading a long out-of-print album, and I've bought quite a few older albums that I never would have thought about otherwise after having heard it first on the net.

Anyway, for this post I'm the artist and I'm happy to share my music with you. David Byrne stated in his now infamous interview that album cost almost nothing to record these day, and barring my instrument purchases over the past 13 years, all this album cost to make was well-enjoyed time. I consider my sound to be a probably muddy mix of all the psych groups I review on my blog (with an emphasis on the shoegazers), along with a dose of David Bowie. I suppose the quality of my music is key as to whether I'm supporting or hurting Byrne's statement, but that's for you to decide.

If you do like this music and would like to financially support my music making, you're certainly welcome to (but not at all obliged). Go to https://www.paypal.com/ and contribute whatever you want to Radiohead-style to mcomeg@gmail.com. I'd be happy to professionally master the next set of records, have someone make more swank artwork, be able to buy a Moog, or take my wife out to dinner more (well, it can't be ALL about the music). But the bottom line is that I've made this because I enjoy it, and I'd love for you to hear it and hopefully enjoy it too!

Track Listing:
1. Black Holes (4:02)
2. Plaster Mask (3:42)
3. Distant Glimmer (3:36)
4. Gliding Through Time (3:24)
5. The Grip of Gravity (3:24)
6. Transparent Needs (4:42)
7. Second Skin (4:37)
8. Shifting Sand (3:56)
9. Frigid Season (3:19)
10. Nothing Seems to Turn to Dust Anymore (4:08)
11. Pod (4:58)
12. On the Way Down (3:03)
Total Time: (47:31)
87.4 MB

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Glaze Of Cathexis - 2008 - The Holographic Universe

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Glaze Of Cathexis - 2008 - The Holographic Universe


Hippy dj kit-dj fanis said...

Hello Dr. Schluss, you have a very nice blog but we share music from 60's and 70's only.
We support your blog.

goinsidemyhead said...

Dr.Schluss very nice set of songs you've put together.I've listened to The Holographic Universe twice in it's entirety today and was never once compelled to skip ahead(always a good sign!). You have a very nice sound happening and the restraint you show especially in the guitar playing where it would have been easy to go freaky is most welcome. You have obviously done your shoe gaze homework and the results are very impressive. I am new to your blog and am really anxious to explore it's many treasures. Keep up this great labor of love and do not hesitate to add more personal recordings. Do you personally do any psychedelic garage or other forms of psyche?

Dr. Schluss said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad that you enjoyed the album. I'll definitely get some more recordings up in the not-too-distant future (don't want to oversaturate things). To answer your other question, the next one will be a different form of psych. It'll be a collection of electronica with plenty of influence from the Berlin school (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze), Ulrich Scnauss, Air, Boards Of Canada and so on. For a few preview tracks look at the "my music and ramblings" section of the links on this blog and click on Damaged Tape.

The Bomber said...

MAN... really like it ! second skin ! shifting sand ... frigid season ! really great ! great arrengments ! do you sing in all the songs ? write`em too ?... yeap ... and pod blew my head off !!! really trippy one !

anything you need drop me a line !(like you said! )any new post that you want to share. .. just let me know ...


Dr. Schluss said...

Thanks Pablo! Yeah, I do everything myself. I'm not an egotist or anything, I just live in the mountains of Japan and my Japanese is pretty poor. Makes it hard to get a band together (although I do play cello in the orchestra). I'll be returning to the States later this year, so we'll see what happens!

The Bomber said...

in japan ? ? ? ? thats far !!! jajajaj great man ... really ... is this your first album ? all the arrangments just you !!! ??? you are great !

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks a lot - the material is top-drawer --- my girlfriend loves it too.

Anonymous said...

great record man,impressive! all the best from czech republic - and thanks for you blog

Psyffer23 said...

Great Album. Really solid songs. I quite liked it.

Also, love your site.