25 December 2015

Astral Soothsayer : A Film by Scott Atkinson and Matt Comegys

As you could see on a few recent posts, we’ve been busy cooking up a more multimedia angle for our homegrown psychedelic excursion.  This is a journey of the passage between the conscious and unconscious hovering over a multicoloured lava flow of electronic sound.  We’re not throwing a band name on it – it’s simply a film called Astral Soothsayer.  That said, Glaze fans may find the quickest connection with “Offering to the Water God.”  If you’ve got 19 minutes to spare, groove to the whole thing:

And here are some links to dig them one at a time:

Endless Cosmic Rope Revolving:
Offering to the Water God
The Cenote Pilgrimage Acolyte

We’re not abandoning the musical angle, so if you like it, support us a bit with the soundtrack here:

Merry Christmas and a groovy New Year.  We’re gonna take you on a trip.