15 March 2008

Mourning Reign - 1966 - Satisfaction Guaranteed + 2 7" EP

Quality: 4.5 out of 5

Ok I`ll have to take words from other info sites so that you can understand better this band, but their early singles used to contain the word "inflamable" on the back cover, satisfaction garanteed with this band, trust me. Lead singer Beau Maggi was one of the best garage-band Jagger soundalikes, and the band had that nether ground between British fuzztone band and coming psychedelia down pretty darn well; it's all here to enjoy.(am.)

On stage this band was really wild, the girls go nuts with their songs, hairstyles and that shake on thing that they used to do on stage. Yes, inspired by the early brothers of the area, Jaggers, Sonics and a lot of bands of the States.

The band was heavily influenced by The Yardbirds, Cream and of course, The Who. You ll have here a good dose of classic-wild garage, a great version released by Sundazed a few years ago, try to find it if you can.

Aca va algo, mientras que el Dr esta viajando, espero que esto sea de su agrado, ya que tengo indicaciones especiales de el de postear cosas garageras, jaja no mentira. Bueno, volviendo a lo que nos concierne, aca van 4 singles de esta espectacular banda de San Jose, con claras influencias de los Cream, Yardbirds y por supuesto, no podian faltar los Who.

A tener en cuenta, que aca va una dosis garagera en mayor dosis a pesar de la cantidad de temas, son 4 temas en los cuales no bajan los decibeles en ningun momento. Dosis de psicodelia en menor proporcion y fuzz en menor aun, pero aun asi rabioso y acelerado.

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hi there - i'd love to hear this but no matter when i try to access the german version of rapidshare, it won't let me dld - any chance of putting it up on the regular rapidshare, please?

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the links is working great...i cant understand your problem ? ? whats happening? ? ?
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You can get the Mourning Reign album here!! Have orderd mine!

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Great stuff. thanks. More on the Mourning Reign here.


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