22 March 2008

Golden Earring - 1965 - Just Earring

Quality: 3 out of 5

Best known in the U.S. for its hard rock material, Golden Earring has been the most popular homegrown band in the Netherlands since the mid-'60s, when they were primarily a pop group.

This fine review from Allmusic says it all, here: Long before Golden Earring were an international act, they were a typical Continental beat group, billing themselves initially as "The Golden Earrings." Their 1965 debut was a lightweight but enjoyable effort, highly derivative of British beat circa 1964-1965, especially the Beatles, the Kinks, and the Zombies; all but one of the tunes were original compositions.

Bueno aca va algo de lo que algunos consideran como rock garagero de los 60s, con mucha mezcla de rock clasico, algo pop y hard tambien. Mas que recomendado este 1er album de una extensa discografia de la banda que se extiende hasta los ultimos años. Muy influenciados por la invasion britanica, Zombies, Kinks entre otros. Bueno este disco no es tan aspero y crudo a comparacion de otros, matices mas elaboradas, pop con rock clasico hacen de este album muy interesante de escuchar.

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Anonymous said...


vanDiemerbroucke said...

Well, thank-you.

I live in Canada and there sure are some GE fans over here as well.

They never seemed to tour out this way. Too bad for us.

AussieRock said...

Interesting to note that they started off as the Golden Earrings (plural) but dropped the s in 1969
First time we heard of this great band in Australia was when they released their #1 single 'Radar Love' in 1973

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