14 March 2008

Fallin' Off The Face Of The World For A Bit

Howdy folks,
I'm about to begin my move back to the other side of the world. This means that I may not be able to post anything for a bit. I'll be in a groovy Japanese business hotel for a week or so. If it has decent wireless, I may actually end up posting a lot though the veil of bordom, but I won't know until I'm there. Anyway, I will be back and maybe Pablo will check in with a couple of rockin' garage posts in the meantime. See you soon!

-Dr. Schluss

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Dr. Schluss said...

Yeah, so I ended up in a ghetto hotel with no wireless signal. I just got back to Atlanta from Japan this evening. Hopefully my parents' wireless is up for uploading and I'll get back to updates as soon as the jet lag subsides a bit.