30 November 2008

Babasónicos - 1994 - Trance Zomba

Quality: 5 ( for an Argentinian rock band!)

Here`s one of my favourite argentinian bands, they made really good stuff till 2000 (in my opinion). Dig it.

Babasónicos' name is based on a tribute to Hindu prophet Baba combined with the name of a popular cartoon from the '70s. Singer Adrián Rodríguez, keyboardist Uma-T, guitarist Mariano Roger Sónico, bassist Gabo, percussionist Diego Uma, and drummer Diego Castellano recorded Pasto in 1992. That album included their hit song called "De-generación." As the popularity of this Latin rock group was growing, chances to play along with major bands came soon. In 1994, Babasónicos was the opening act to INXS, Soul Asylum, and Depeche Mode. That same year, Trance Zomba was released. In August of 1995, Babasónicos participated in an Argentinean festival called Nuevo Rock, having the chance to play along with Peligrosos Gorriones and Los Brujos, consolidating their presence in the local scene.


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great music !!!

very good argentintian rock!!
which are your favourite songs here Pablo and Dr ? ? ?

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Live link!


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dead link