29 September 2010

Damaged Tape - 2010 - Beyond the Astral Labyrinth

These electronic tunes had a nice, long gestation period, and I'm pretty happy with the final results. I wanted to get away from the 'four-on-the-floor' house sort of beats that I used a lot on Psychedelic Anthropology and focus more on the 'sonic sculpture' concept that I had back with Electric Ocean. Of course, with a completely different set of instruments and recording equipment, this music is hopefully its own entity. Although several of these tracks were quick and painless, several of these tracks (especially the instrumental ones) were originally intended to be part of a collaboration and intentionally left half-finished. But after more than a year and a few shifts in perspective, I finished them up mostly with the help of my Juno 60 synthesizer.

The concept for this album originally involved Scott's (the other feller in Damaged Tape) exploration of Japan's Izu peninsula. Unfortunately, I didn't necessarily get around to finishing all the tracks that involved those ideas, plus the cover to Glaze of Cathexis' The Golden Konbanwa already sort of got that idea down visually. This means that Scott is far better equipped to talk about the conceptual nature of these recordings. Here's what he has to say:

Inspiration for this spoken word came from free-associative thoughts in quiet times of
the night and day, and the only necessity was to just listen and be receptive to
our innate intuition.

Of this I feel-
delving into the collective subconscious is like descending into a deep well within a well,
accessing information from those shimmering purple-black waters reflecting
the glints of diamond-chip stars endlessly beyond. In this journey of metamorphosis
and transcendence, the wisdom and insight gained belongs to all, as this wisdom
and insight, shrouded in profound, sacred mystery, is an innate and inseparable part of us.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your comments concerning these songs (good or bad), and if you want to repost, please let me know! It always makes my day.

Track List:
1. Dimensions Untold Of (5:12)
2. Bamboo Hollow (4:08)
3. Amphibians of Time (4:03)
4. Lexicography of the Universe (2:41)
5. Crystal Forge (4:15)
6. Conflux of Reality (3:53)
7. Infinity's Quest (5:14)
8. Mind if the Vortex (2:28)
9. Endless Ocean (4:48)
10. A Desert of Cobalt (5:19)
11. The Cosmic Election (2:35)

Listen to Me:
Damaged Tape - 2010 - Beyond the Astral Labyrinth (full quality)
Damaged Tape - 2010 - Beyond the Astral Labyrinth (256kps)


configuratao said...

hi dr.schluss, telling you that I
really appreciate this labyrinth,
-very interresting & psyche' & harmonious, entertaining & deep, etc. ;^) -well done - going to try others of these, listen more & speak about around, & btw it is my first comment here but I enjoyed allready quite some of your shares & your blog is very fine!
thank you
& cosmic cheers!

Anonymous said...


Music for Songwriters said...

this is something that i really could listen to all day long...thanks for sharing!...

Anonymous said...

Stone groove! I took the liberty of converting the WAV files to FLAC format and uploading them here:


FLAC preserves 100% of the original sound quaility in files around 55% the size of the original WAV files. All decent media players can read FLAC.

I will not post this link anywhere else of course, and the file description is "damaged tape" so it's not likely to show up on file sharing search engines.

Dr. Schluss said...

Groovy! I don't really mind if you want to share the link somewhere worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

I saved to my pc but when I try to play it in Windows Media Player it says 'Windows doesn't know what program created this file' so basically it play it... any ideas on how to get it up and running? Cheers. Nice looking site, by the way. Some neat bands like Olivia Tremor Control!

Dr. Schluss said...

You'll need a program like winzip to unzip the files. Then they'll play in any media player.