31 May 2014

Listen To Dr. Schluss' Glaze Of Cathexis and Damaged Tape

New May reviews found under this post!!

As I review more albums, I'd love for you to check out my own music and leave some comments to tell me what you think. The Glaze of Cathexis albums are my more psychedelic rock based offerings, while the Damaged Tape recordings are my journeys into electronica. Please have a listen!

Damaged Tape
Damaged Tape - 2014 - Ancient Lights (coming March 2014)
Damaged Tape - 2012 - Conflagration of Nibiru


Unknown said...

You Rock man !!!!

Maximiliano said...

Thank You very much!
You got the link too. (Though you dont need it)

Tell me if I can help you w/something.

See ya.

mike-floyd said...

Hi Dr. Schluss!

In my opinion "Tokyo Rainbow Bridge" is even better than your "Holographic Universe" album. I like the songwriting more (it's more "direct" and I like the singing style (e.g. on Look Alive, very laid back) and the production. My favorite songs are: Reduced to Dust, Image of You and Waiting for the light.
Eager to hear more.

By the way, I started my own little blog, called


and well ... that is exactly what it is. It features only music by me and my former bands and people I know – everything unreleased until now.
If you like what you hear, it would be great to send me some feedback (of course also if you DON'T Like what you hear... hehe!) and if you could link me to your side.

Enjoy your time in Japan (seems to me to be a fantastic country to visit!)

See you on the net!

Anonymous said...

i'm a big fan of this blog (probably the first one i 'followed') - what was up with the long hiatus a couple of months back?? I thought you weren't coming back!
john xx

mike-floyd said...

Hi Dr. Schluss!
I just posted "Stone God" with a small review on my site

Keep up your good work.

See ya

Anonymous said...

hello from Paris,
nice blog !
you guys who are into psychédelic / kraut etc music, you should have a look at this french compilation of psychedelic bands, including kill for Total Peace (http://www.myspace.com/totalpeace), Turzi, One Switch To Collision, Aqua Nebula Oscillator ...

VOYAGE : Facing the history of french modern psychedelic music on Pan European Recording


Anonymous said...

I have always been fascinated by psychedelic obscurities. I will make my visits here daily!;)

Dr. Schluss said...

Great! Give me a few more days for some updates. I just got back to Atlanta from Japan this evening and need a few days to get past the insane jet lag.

Sácate un Disco said...

Hi Dr.!

Just to say...amazing blog, music and reviews, everything is perfect..

thank you very much!

Try with this bolivian psych-rock compilation disc...



Zer0_II said...

Greetings Dr. Schluss. I thought that I had already added you to my music blogroll/directory @ http://music-bloggers.blogspot.com, but apparently I made a mistake. I just wanted to let you know that I've got you added now.

You already link to one of my blogs (Digital Meltd0wn). If you would like to link to the blogroll also that would be great, but if you choose not to I understand. Take care and thanks once again for all the great music.


islandhippie said...

Hello,this is my new blog dedicаted to russiаn krаutrock,psychedelic аnd progressive rock аnd some other rаre bаnds from аnother countries
welcome and tell you friends

Anonymous said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

JCS said...

great blog!
the last entry is from the future!?!


Anonymous said...

I have long loved your blogs and your suberb postings. My main musical interest is from 1966-1972 and this blog comes through for me many times. My biggest problem is rapidshare. They have gotten so hard to use anymore. Waiting forever and trying to decipher next to impossible "security" letters. What a croc, security my a$$. That is nothing but a deterrent to downloading. That aside, what I have been able to download I have really enjoyed, especially the Gentle Soul album. Great stuff there.

Dr. Schluss said...

Yeah, I have a huge stockpile of Rapidshare points, and hence I've been using it. I'm not really the most computer savvy guy, so it's easy for me. I also like the lack of advertising on Rapidshare (besides the fact that I'm lazy). Anyway, I feel like you're more likely to listen to the album if you had to work a bit to get it. I always end up listen to Megaupload stuff from other blogs because I had to pay more attention to getting it. But if anyone out there wants to put up a link in the comments for your favorite album or two on the site, I'd appreciate it, and the readers would probably dig it even more.

mike-floyd said...

Hi Dr.,

just posted "The Visions Surround You" on


Govindas Dream said...

hi there again :), I have now again a new blog, what means I have 3 blogs and working in 2 others too... but this new blog is about Psychedelic & Acid, it's called "Psychedelic Being"... the link is: http://psychedelic-being.blogspot.com/

could you link this one too?
I linked you on that blog too... :)....

amadeus :)

Anonymous said...

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mike-floyd said...

Hi Dr.,

posted PAPER FENCES yesterday on http://homemade-lofi-psychedelic.blogspot.com/
It's really nice, I really like it. Quite relaxing...

"Zonohedra" will follow some time in the near future.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Unknown said...

I love the pic at the top of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for changing the pic at the top - I'm no longer scared to come here!

Do you have Beaver & Krause's All Good Men? The others - even the hyper-rare Ragnarok - are available in the blogosphere, but not this one.

Unknown said...


That is a band I think you might like, and I think kinda fits your blog. It is their new ep leak, I included the cover and everything. You should check it out and post, if you think your readers will like it, I like the stuff you put on your blog and I love this, so I assume others will!
Their name is Darling's Cabinet of Sundry Horror, and its kind of like gothic folk/protopunk for fans of the birtday party and the violent femmes, and maybe even marilyn manson or Tom waits.

david santos said...


jossip said...

sup doc
very nice blog. been digging it for a while and should comment more. just grabbed Popol Vuh In den Garten...but haven't had a chance to listen yet.
Curious if you've ever encountered "Nick Mason's Ficticious Sports" with all compositions by Carla Bley and featuring Robert Wyatt? I would love to hear that shiz.
check out my blog if ye care to:

Mad Hatter said...

Hi Doc,
Of course I link to your blog! It's a classic. Thanks for linking back. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Schluss, love the reviews and great for finding new? (to me) bands to check out. I have a lot of the sounds you have reviewed and I am enjoying finding new work in similar genres. If you check some torrents you will find Tangerine Tree (a series of 60 bootlegs, very good bootlegs of Tangerine Dream 1960s to 2007 - these were given the go ahead by TD themselves and even contributed files)
Also check out on mininova torrents 'Avant Garde Project' this is a series of avant guarde works from the likes of Stockhausen to Cage to music concrete and avant guarde electro acoustic,improvisation,classical, minimalism, music and soundscapes etc. All the work is out of print and is being digitised to preseve it. There is all sorts of fabulous work amongst the collection, early electronics 1940s/50s/60s, oscure and famous artists. They do have website.

Keep up the good work this is a great info resource, come visit us on myspace.


Best wishes Prometheus(Unbound)

sp73 said...

Hi Doc,
Love your blog & your music..I noticed on an old Telescopes post you were after the untitled lp,well here's a link for you.It's my own 320 rip from vinyl.hope it's some use.enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi again. My new site: http://chrisgoesrock.ucoz.com/ . See you all in there. //ChrisGoesRock

Anonymous said...

hola amigos, por razones ajenas .El Camaleon cambia la url.

anotar la nueva url por favor .


un abrazo a todos

hi friends, for reasons beyond .El Camaleon change the url.

note the new url please.


a hug to all

MORNING said...


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Issue # 1 includes interviews with Norman Jopling (one of the most important music journalists of the sixties), the Poets' George Gallacher (interview conducted by John Cavanagh), Sibylle Baier, the Peep Show's Stephen Morris and the Litter's Tom "Zip" Caplan.

You can find all info about how to order MORNING # 1 at:

Anonymous said...

this is such a nice blog. And the current drawing at the top is great too!

Mario Manjarrez said...

how you can travel to the future to post this?

Love your blog

We're Late For Class said...

Hi Doc,
Posted the direct (non Sharbee) link you requested in comments and also updated our link to you to include this post. Thanks

Emilio said...


Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Anonymous said...

Hey fella nice work. Do you have the debut of L'infonie?

Catasto Elettrico said...

Hi, we are very happy you liked our latest work INFINITE.... We will be proud to be reposted and reviewed here! You can use the whole stuff, link included.
Thanks anyway for your good work.
Catasto Elettrico

Seamus said...

Lovely. I am going to find some gems here for sure. Keep up the good work man.

icastico said...

Great stuff. I really like what you are doing.

You may enjoy these obscure psych recordings I did back in the day...



DS said...

Your site is really awsome.I just started a psychedelic blogheader design page here on blogger,i'll add your link and you can add mine,if u want..Peace

drawingmountains said...

Hi ! thx a lot, I have to confess that i used to check a lot your blog before i started mine..thx you´ve been a great influence and such a complete source of music...
keep it loud and noisy

Frank J.P. Segura said...

DR.Schluss, that is a pretty impresive title, I've never had the misfortune to listen to any of your music, but if the artwork is any indication of the sound, they must be on the unlistenable list.
By the way I am Frank one of three surviving members of the Flying Karpet, which you treated so poorly in your blog. Granted the recorded music is not what we would have liked to produce, unfortunately for all, this product was recorded between 1967 and '68. The social-political situation in Mexico was completely against groups such as us, we were persecuted, ripped-off by the authorities and even the so called record company that paid the studio time, Son Art. They managed to steal a Gibson Les Paul Jr, while we played free for them at the inauguration of the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company, I hope you get the pun. We were rushed thru the recording trying to finish the L.P. in three sessions?¡?¡?¡? We recorded at the RCA studios in Mexico City which at that time had a wonderful 3 track console!!!! Better suited for mariachis. We had no input at all and they insisted that we play the cover versions, that you so flippantly dismiss. We were railroaded. I should mention that this so called company, recorded us because we did have a following in Mexico even under the represive government, that closed all venues that hired any rock-pop music groups. All in all the late 60's in Mexico was not friendly to rock- pop groups. Having stated our case, let me tell you, I became a producer of some import in the mid 70's and 80's, I produced, arranged and composed the song with the ex Menudo, Johnny and Tatiana, "Cuando Estemos Juntos" it topped the charts in 11 latin american countries and also the latin Bill Board Chart in the U.S.A, in Mexico it held the #1 position for over three months and sold well over 2 million copies under my own label. I was also instrumental in the careers of Mocedades, Camilo Sesto, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Tatiana, Menudo, Rocio Durcal and actually brought B.B. King to Mexico as well as Barry Manilow and Freddy Fender, to mention a few. So I guess you can put that in your pipe and smoke it or, I may also just give you a pinch in the cheek, as you say, to these young lads. I personally knew that the Flying Karpet, was a wonderful group playing live and created real excitment.
Anyway, I became the International Manager for Musart Records, Peerlees Records, RCA Records and also EMI Capitol Records. Of course I was also a well known DJ on Radio XEX FM in Mexico City for several years. I am Frank J.P. Segura, and you can look all of this up to make sure I'm not pulling your leg. I would very much like to know your reaction to this and get in touch with me.


Frank J.P. Segura

Dr. Schluss said...

Thanks for the info, Frank! If you'd like, I'd be happy to add your description to the original posting. The Flying Karpets' music is unquestionable better than the gigging band that I played with (and wrote songs for) in the 90's, and we had no record companies or governments holding us back.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, check out my friend's new EP, "Thoughts of a waiter" up for download here http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendId=479396986 give it a listen, thanks

klockwerk said...

Thanks for the Music!

Likedeeler said...

Dr Schluss,

just have spent an hour of browsing through your blog, coming back with tons of interesting stuff. Thanks and big props from Berlin!

NoRecords Records said...

If I can allow myself, maybe you can take a look, listen & download and published this :


thanks for them

see you

. said...

Here's a download link for the awesome Harmony Rockets album (my rip), Paralyzed Mind Of The Archangel Void. A perfect ten trip. Enjoy!

mikael of Barrett Elmore said...

i like your site a lot! found it today and has been reading and listening for quite some time now!

i saw that you were out looking for new psychedelic sounds and songs. i have a band that plays psychedelic music. We think of ourselves as the upcoming innovators of psychedelia ^^ can't really say that we are though, haha. but in a distant future that dream might come through.

well, you could check it out on spotify or myspace. we're called Barrett Elmore, so search for that on spotify if you want.
and the myspace adress: www.myspace.com/barrettelmore

I'm gonna continue to read and enjoy your site (bookmark ;) ) i hope it will be as good tomorrow as it was today.

Roll Up!

Anonymous said...

Very eclectic blog! Enjoyed perusing the posts.

You may find my doombient works interesting. Some reviewers have used words like nightmarish, fever dream, hauntingly hypnotic, and one said one of my releases could be a new benchmark for dark ambient -- surpassing Lustmord & Rich's Stalker release.



Sakalli said...

I've moved my blog to a new address (since the old one was shut down):


Can you please update the link on your web site?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I hope you know who i am. Lol

Dr. Schluss said...

Hmm... Sounds a little like "I hope you guess my name." Cross-reference that with "Please allow me to introduce myself..." and I can figure it out. I've always wished that Mick would have just shouted out "Satan!" somewhere in "Sympathy for the Devil."

E said...

I just found your blog today, and I must say I love it!!

Anonymous said...


Josegoiana said...

WHAT`s The Password. PLEASE!!!!!

Zer0_II said...

Hello good Doctor. I'm in the process of performing another major round of updates to the Digital Meltd0wn Blogroll. I noticed that the link to Musica-Acida @ http://mza-acid.blogspot.com is down now. I was hoping you might be able to provide some info on whether or not he set up shop somewhere else, or decided to call it quits. If you don't mind, could you stop by either of my blogs and let me know? Thank you and take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Trying to get hold of Beaver & Krause album - 'All Good Men'. Can't find it anywhere on the blogs

AussieRock said...

Great blog Dr. Schluss - always something different on offer, so thanks.

If you get time, have a look at my blog which mainly features Australian Artists and has a charter that they must have been released on vinyl and are not commercially available.


Maybe you might even consider putting it in your 'music blog listing'

Cheers from Down Under

Klemen Breznikar said...

Please follow my new blog about psychedelic music.


Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...


i dig your blog and i insert your site to my friends' page.

if you want to add my blog to your blogroll insert this link:


thank you and good work!

Anonymous said...

Hello, loving the blog!

Some new garage sound you may be interested in on youtube!

Willy Moon 'I Wanna Be Your Man'

Sir Duncan said...

I really dig your Glaze of Cathexis albums. Great psych feeling.
Sir Duncan

Anonymous said...

Hi, here is my new blog: http://peaceandlove1967.blogspot.com/ //ChrisGoesRock

Sonio said...

Hello Dr.Schluss
I heard your album "The Golden Konbanwa" It's Very Nice and Comfortable!!Thank you for good sound! ....and your blogg is Reeally CoooL!

Dr. Schluss said...

Glad you dig "The Golden Konbanwa." If you'd like to try Damaged Tape, I'd recommend "Beyond the Astral Labyrinth."

Klemen Breznikar said...

Great blog, my psych friend. I have also a blog about psych music and I added you to my blog list.

Keep on rocking and check my blog:

Prosperar said...

Hi, congratulations for your blog! I've added your blog on the new directory of blogs that I manage. I invite you to share links, please add me you, too: http://www.buscarblog.blogspot.com

Dave Fontana said...

Very nice mix, thanks Dr.

Unknown said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say, thank you for providing so much inspiration and positive vibes! <3

Patriots Of The Wasteland said...

Hey man,
I downloaded most of the Glaze Of Cathexis albums, really like them a lot. I'm in the middle of finishing up mix on my bands debut album, Masaki Liu (did a bunch of work on the first BRMC album) is mixing it. Here's a link of 6 of the 10 songs http://www.mediafire.com/?ie9njpd0bhcorny , not the final mix but a good idea of what it is. Psychedelic/Garage fun.
Thanks for the free tunes!

MattAttack said...

this is great stuff! there is also some really great new psychedelic music coming out of texas right now! you should do a post on these guys! that would be amazing! http://www.somethingfiction.bandcamp.com
There is a free EP download there that has been praised by Mitch Schultz, director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule. All of this information and more is on the bands facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/somethingfiction

icastico said...


Just wanted to formally invite you to participate in a little project I've got going...

deets here

Would love to include your sounds.

garage equipment said...

This project was very timely because valentine's is almost there. Thia was so lovely and I really like it.

Darren Thomas Brennessel said...

Looking forward to these man! And my gift to you:


Darren Thomas Brennessel said...

Oh, and feel free to post if you want! I have 25 more albums available if you are interested....

Anonymous said...

Hey man, just stumbled upon your VERY groovy blog and the first thing I'm listening to is "Beyond The GHost House". I'm loving the textures, and the interplay between the lush guitars and the VST instrument backgrounds/etc Very, very cool stuff sir!! Thanks for sharing your talents!

Lisergia said...

Hey great blog, full of good music!

I posted a link from a psychedelic band from Barcelona. It seems it was filmed in Monegros Desert North east of Spain.


Joel C said...

Austin Underground Psychedelic Rock: http://didyouseethosebats.bandcamp.com/

let us know what you think!


-Joel C from DYSTB?

vagmood said...


G O D said...

Hey man ,great music and blog! I'm over at http://sluggisha.blogspot.com and http://mediachrist.blogspot.com. this is my new band ,ShaMaMo ,with the first video from our second album! Doomy/drone psych ,of the highest order!


The good Doc. S. will, no doubt, frëak-out, after viewin' these, too wild, acid-soaked YouTube music vids.


.[____.]---{Talk 'em down, daddy-o}


Feces! Moi meant this one "Moonbeam Diatribe" by Bellaluna.


Filme XXX said...

I am finding out about some of your content so i must say pretty clever stuff. I will make sure you bookmark your blog.

Anonymous said...

A new gift : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dNeG06ha4Tc

Anonymous said...

hi friends! i am searching for an old song, don't know anything about it except some broken lyrics:

"i can make the sun turn into the moon, i can make the month from september into june....
cause i'm the wizard.."

can u help me??

Unknown said...

wow Dr Schluss makes me so happy to have found your page, and following this :) THANKYOU

Billy Druid said...

Groovy shit.

AVY said...

I need drugs for this.



Annabel Schofield said...

I am so happy to have found this blog! Great minds think alike, I guess. I've been creating a weekly blog that covers music, film and fashion of a particular time period combined with a racy, psychedelic novel that I've serialized. This week it's 1991 when my heroine discovers Acid House music and culture for the first time and I’ve featured some amazing tracks and images that I feel represent the period. I'd love to know what you think.


Anti Money Laundering said...

You've been an inspiration to us, Thank you for sharing this great music.

Anonymous said...

Hey DR. can you Reup "Jaim - 1969 - Prophecy Fulfilled" Thanks John

Panou said...

Wow, thanks! DJ_SERIC

Unknown said...



AML said...

Great music! Thank you for providing so much inspiration.

Anonymous said...


My old blog: http://dirtyfunky.blogspot.se/ is deleted by staff. I will make a new one but right now i will have some rest. I'm a little tired of blogging right now.

A nev blog will be started in 2 weeks or 2 month, i really don't know right now, but i can promise you it will be a new one. //ChrisGoesRock

I will add the the blog and adress in here so bookmark this site: http://www.efreeguestbooks.com/mg/multi.pl?116288


Willam Sol said...

Enjoyed your sound, guitar was a bit like Syd Barrett took a California vacation in the early 60s

extravagancia said...

I love to hear damaged tape when i'm Travelling in my space ship!!!!

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