21 May 2014

The Green Tambourine Band - 2014 - Let Yourself Be/Aum

Quality: 4 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 4.25 out of 5

Another batch of reconstituted 60's psychedelic pop vibes as they hear them in Scotland.  This basically functions as two EPs, the first of which includes several hazy, jangling poppers, while the flip side is more of a noise-fest freak out.  The former is pretty impressive, coming across like a more chilled out Brian Jonestown Massacre or a more folkish Moles (Richard Davies; Australia; just throwing out a few sign posts for you).  As for the latter half, it definitely has its moments, but I don't think the Green Tambourine Band ever earned its license to jam.  I mean, few rock bands have that license anyway - I guess Can and Yo La Tengo would be on the short list.

Again, the first half of the album really delves into the heart of 60's production sounds and songwriting - with just a touch of outsider oddness from the Scottish highlands
.  "You Are the One I Love," "I'm Free," and "Here She Comes" definitely earn a place on the radio of the cosmos, even if I'm pretty sure all those song titles have been used before.  "Lemon Sorbet" and "Through the Looking Glass" cover the more experimental grounds, with "Looking Glass" as the clear winner with it's twirling backward guitar vibrations.
The "Aum" suite didn't do it for me quite as much, featuring too many sections of plodding groove and wah-wah rhythm guitar - I would suggest that the band focus on their enviable songwriting instead.

So, get into this for the first half.  It spotlights the Green Tambourine Band at their psychedelic, folk-rokin' best is sure to get a few new tune hardwired into your head.

Bang the tambourine here:


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