21 May 2014

The Doctor's "Cryptic Hullabaloo" Coming to a Digital Store Near You

On May 27, Glaze of Cathexis' "Cryptic Hullabaloo" will be available at digital stores such as itunes, Amazon, and Spotify.  We really want our sounds and visions to spread to the world, and I think readers of this blog will dig the psychedelic sounds.  Please support us by sharing the tunes to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and we'd be honored if you want to ante in by purchasing the album!

Anyway, here's the Amazon link if you're interested:


Scott's been madly creating videos like this one (with all original photography) to make this a multimedia experience:

And you can go here for the mother lode:


Have a chat with us on Twitter as well if you're so inclined:


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