03 February 2008

The Seeds - 1967 - The Seeds in Concert at Merlin's Music Box

Quality: 4 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 2.5 out of 5

The band was trying to promote their latest album "Future", and of course some old hits. Here you can listen the mix of influences that Saxon put together in this live album, some coincidence in 2 tracks related with a couple of Doors songs.

Here in allmusic you have a great description: "900 Million People Daily All Making Love" sounds so much like the Doors and Jim Morrison's "When the Music's Over," one has to wonder which came first, or did they copy each other? "Mumble and Bumble" is a trippy "Alabama Song," but where Morrison is looking for the next whiskey bar, Saxon is off looking for flowers and magic mushrooms.

For me, the band (in this album) didn´t sound like the studio albums, I mean I prefer the studio songs in this case, sound much more better than live ones.

The cover is a very psych one, and in the booklet you can find some great black and white pictures on the back. This album has a truly psychedelic cover but the songs that you`ll find here, won`t be that much.

Aca va material de los Seeds en vivo, un disco con bastantes particularidades. Era la epoca que le tocaba a Saxon & Co lanzar material en vivo para promover mas su música, sobre todo "Future" lanzado previamente en 1967.

Aca lo que se podra escuchar es una dosis de garage en menor cantidad, al contrario de otras bandas el disco suena menos agresivo y falto de locura a comparación de los discos de estudio de la banda.

Si existen muchas coincidencias con temas de los Doors, es verdad que "900 million people daily..." suena muy parecido a la mas duradera "When the Music`s over" de los reyes del rock acido.
Tambien es notable la similitud que existe entre "Alabama Song" y "Mumble Bumble" por ahi lei que mientras que uno buscaba su wisky en un bar con una chica, el otro buscaba su regocijo en los hongos y sustancias alucinogenas.

Bueno en fin, un registro en vivo de esta super banda, a darle una escuchada y a sacudir al final con "Pushin too hard"!

A no engañarse por la portada del album, bien psicodelica pero no tan asi su contenido.

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Anonymous said...


wait for DrSchluss`opinion about the quality and Tri o meter of this one ! ! !

Anonymous said...

THANKs for this great live album... it looks like it was recorded in a comic tv program !

. said...

Hi Dr.Shluss! Your blog is great, i can´t thak you enough. I wanted to ask if you could post more material from The Seeds, maybe their first album. Thaks again!

José, from Chile.

Anonymous said...

this is mostly studio work with dubbed in live sounds.