13 June 2017

The Floor - 1967 - 12 Floor

Quality: 3.75 out of 5
Trip-o-Meter: 4.25 out of 5

Once upon a time I wanted to name an indie rock band "The Red Curtains."  Y'know, in a Dukes of Stratosphere reference.  Me bandmates thought it was too non-descript, but here we've got Danish psyche-poppers "The Floor."  How deep does this rabbit-hole of strange blandness?  Do "The Socks" exist somewhere out there?  Anyway, back to "The Floor."  This is sort of a realtime Dukes of Stratosphere.  Whereas we have the members of XTC emulating the sounds of 1967 in the early 80's, The Floor did it right smack in the middle of 1967.  So, get ready to gulp down several spoonfuls of sugar on this one.

I guess "Turn It On" takes the groovy crown here.  But that's because it straight up grabs the Beatles' "Taxman" bassline.  Still, they've got the Jam's Paul Weller beat by a good baker's dozen of years on that one.  "Hey Mr. Flowermann"  comes across like flower power Spinal Tap, although I suppose the Floor aren't joking.  I mean. for the most part, everything here is gonna sound like something else.  The Moody Blues really have one straight on baroque pop album, so there is room in the universe for a tune like "Moonbeam."  The Floor does not get points for originality.  That is clear from their name.  The strength is in their execution - their is a steady hand on the tiller for production, songwriting, playing, and singing.

Apparently, this one sports a reissue from a few years back which includes early renditions of a couple of Dylan's Basement Tapes songs.  Those are probably worth your ear.  As for the album proper, it is you insulin injection of psychedelic pop for the day.  You hang around sites like this and that is probably what you need, yeah?

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