30 June 2017

Glaze of Cathexis - 2017 - Deep Forest Bells EP

This psychedelically rockin' (and shoegazing) EP and video clip are here to herald the final Glaze of Cathexis LP coming in August.  Join us for one more run through the Glaze's soundworld of crackling fuzz guitars, unhinged drumming, and celestially trippy lyrics from their base in the mountains of Japan.  If you are groovy enough to dig our sounds, we're not closing shop - just changing gears to the Electrick Sages project.  That is what comes out of my current workflow and it sounds different than the Glaze.

Anyway, what you are getting here is one tune from the upcoming album, an alternate take of another tune from it, and several alternates of the past.  I think the alternates are all the first versions of the songs.  I like some of them quite well.  I rerecorded Lotus Pond for the front slot on an earlier EP and decided I wanted a more driving take.  'Cadmium Glow' ended up on 'The Amorphous Infinity' LP in a slower version because this electronic drum pulsing take just didn't make sense on that album.

Join us and you may find yourselves down with our trip.