29 June 2017

David Bedford - 1972 - Nurses Song With Elephants

Quality: Image result for poop emoji out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 5 out of 5, I guess - but it's a bad trip

Wow.  I try to avoid getting too negative here at the Garage, but this doesn't do it for me.  I thought I'd dig it.  I can get into some of the avant garde and we've got Kevin Ayers and Mike Oldfield showing up here and there, but no, just no.  It's sort of like the Red Krayola's debut album.  That one is not an easy listen,  but it's a lysergic needle through the head and when that album does coalesce into something like a song, it's intensely groovy.  This one provides wisps of pointless noise, and when those do take the form of something, I'm still annoyed.  Is it my mood?  Give me a good argument that this is not pretentious twaddle and I will dive in for another listen.  Maybe I need to start with a different album?  Otherwise, let this enter history as the day that I first googled the poo emoji.


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I managed to track this down on vinyl last trip home and it is brilliant. Guess it's a matter of taste but it sure is trippy .