05 October 2009

Gas - 1999 - Oktember

Quality: 4.25 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 5 out of 5

This is an EP from ambient master Wolfgang Voigt. As far as I can tell it's practically impossible to find (my own search was quite exhaustive). The sound of the music is very much in the basic Gas mold: heartbeat percussion, endlessly repetitive musical motifs plowing through your braing as you're lifted up on a bed of ghostly samples and synths. Yet, it's amazing how much milage and textural variation Voigt gets out of this template, and there is a dark facet to the Gas ethos that is on display on "Oktember."

The first track here is actually from the contemporous album "Konigsforst." It was on the CD, but not the vinyl, although it is certainly a fine track that has a space lounge twist on the Gas sound. The main event, however, is the second track. This 15 minute epic has a very dark, almost-but-not-quite grinding sound that makes me imagine a tour of a post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland. I don't think it's the best place to begin with Gas, but if you're already familiar with some of the proper albums, it's absolutely necessary listening for a band that only has four album. It's sort of a missing puzzle piece.


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Dr. Schluss said...

Thanks! I may very well get around to reviewing "Konigsforst" on this site eventually, but "Pop" will crop up next.

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i know this isn't the right place, but i can't think of where else i coudl find people who know; any idea whats happened to George De Large? his blog is gone which sucks.

Dr. Schluss said...

Yow! It is gone. I'm sure it was still there last week, but I stopped clicking because it crashed my computer with spam (I seriously doubt that was his fault). Are you out there George?

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hey Dr. Schluss:
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e said...

super blog. never would've guessed i'd be reading about curt boettcher's Sagittarius one second, that this little known treasure the next. ambient and psych pop together at long last!

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