28 June 2009

Glaze Of Cathexis - 2009 - The Golden Konbanwa

This is a bit of a concept album, although it reflects my belief that the best concept albums are somewhat loosely tied together. You'll also find that this collection brings in a bit more of Scott Atkinson, my collaborator. Scott's poems go the farthest in tying the conceptual ideas together. I see it as an awakening and exploration of the world beyond, ending with the need to reconcile that with the world around us. I like to think that this is us at our A-game. Sound-wise, I'm trying to integrate the rock and electronic sides of our music a bit more. I'm definitely happy with the feel of these recordings, which I feel have a fuzzy warmth that was absent on previous albums. I'm far more happy with my vocals as well, and I enjoy the contrast with Scott's spoken word segments. The Dr. Schluss Mix Tape (in the last post) is a fairly accurate gauge of what I feel was influencing me during the recording, and there are some doses of 70's glam guitar along with a "Norwegian Wood" rip-off as well. Feel free to tell me what you hear; the musician often ends up with a blind spot in terms of influences. In all truth, the actual origin of my lyrics tend to gravitate toward my favorite TV shows ("The Ending Will Begin the Start," "Listen to the Voices," "Illusions Disappear") or complete subconscious abstractness ("The Release Will Come Soon"). The artwork is once again all Scott's work. I'd love to hear your comments, and feel more than free to repost this one.

Mike Floyd over at the awesome homemade lofi psych site had this to say:

The latest release from GLAZE OF CATHEXIS - simply their best until now!
Can't say too much about the lyrics (being not a native speaker of the English language - I don't really understand everything), but I very much like the sound of the words and also the singing.
The music is probably the most psychedelic GLAZE OF CATHEXIS have ever recorded, ranging from garage-psych-rockers ("The Release Will Come Soon") to relaxed spaced-out tracks ("Call of the Cosmic Tribe") and more electronic songs ("Into the Aether"). Great stuff, strongly recommended!
Track Listing:
1. The Release Will Come Soon (3:02)
2. The Ending Will Begin the Start (3:50)
3. Call of the Cosmic Tribe (5:16)
4. Listen to the Voices (4:28)
5. Into the Aether (5:02)
6. It Doesn't Matter (4:24)
7. That Halycon Moment (2:08)
8. The Wisteria Garden (3:13)
9. Forget (4:16)
10. Illusions Disappear (3:50)
11. Cosmic Decay (4:18)

P.S. - On a personal note, my wife is due to have our first baby any moment now, so I may vanish for a little while... or maybe not. We'll see. Either way, I'll be back.


We're Late For Class said...

Looking forward to it Doc. Pre-Congrats to you and Mrs. Doc and thanks for everything.

mike-floyd said...

Downloading right now - all the best for you and your wife.

kingpossum said...

Yay, more Glaze. I always hear a bit of the Stranglers in your GOC work, which is meant as a compliment.

Best wishes for you and your new family.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the new one!
I´m listning to your music and i think it´s great. I really like it.
I´ll be back for more.
Best regards from Sweden

mike-floyd said...

Posted on
Thanks for sharing.

All the best,

Michael said...

I do a lot of local recordings (and am in my own "non-profit" struggling band) and I wanted to say that I think it is AWESOME that there are still some few, like yourself, that do their music and give it away for free simply because they love the creative process and the fruits of their labours.

There aren't many of the truly dedicated left here in the midwest.

Love your stuff.
~Michael A. Felton.

Lucas said...

Hey man,
I, as an audiophile, feel it's my duty to let you know, it's easier to get people to download the high quality files if you set up a bandcamp account and put all your music up there. That way folks don't have to wait for rapidshare to do it's thing.

Loving the music, man.