27 June 2009

Dr. Schluss' Groovy Mix Tape, Vol. 1

While most of this probably falls under the psychedelic umbrella, there are a few deviations. You'll find some of these albums in the psychedelic garage, but we've also got stuff like a little 70's jazz-funk lurking about, along with a touch of rawk. There's also a fewer newer releases represented here which are too recent for me to feel ok posting the entire album. I made this little compilation to illustrate to Scott, the other fellow involved with Damaged Tape and Glaze of Cathexis, where my musical headspace is currently residing. This is the kind of stuff that I end up playing everyday. It's certainly influenced the new Glaze of Cathexis album (which will be posted in the next few days) and a few even more recent recordings. Hopefully you'll dig at least some of the music that's been catching my ear.

1. Agoraphobia - Deerhunter
2. Rainbow - Thee Oh Sees
3. Half Up Front - Prefuse 73
4. For Our Elegant Caste - Of Montreal
5. Spirit Molecule - Zoroaster
6. ZAP!...That's Witchcraft - Michael Flower
7. Heeding the Call - Bear McCreary
8. Mind Gardens (mono) - The Byrds
9. You Make Me Feel So Good - Bobbi Humphrey
10. Title Music From A Clockwork Orange - Wendy Carlos
11. Motorbike - Wooden Shjips
12. Cardiff in the Sun - Super Furry Animals
13. Wrathchild - Iron Maiden
14. Flower Sun Rain (Japan version) - Boris
15. Zauberburg 5 - Gas
16. It Feels So Good - Grover Washington, Jr.
17. Hold a Desert, Feel Its Hand - Grouper
18. Do You Close Your Eyes? - Rainbow
19. Illusions Disappear - Glaze of Cathexis

Listen to Me:
Dr. Schluss' Groovy Mix Tape, Vol. 1


icastico said...

Iron Maiden is an unexpected twist.
Nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

i'm listening to it. later you'll have my opinion, at the moment just thanks.

Ktin said...

Out The byrds... In The Seeds, Grouper song missing as well. No pro. Nice tape Doc! Wrathchild would be my own choice, too, in such a "perverted" scope

Dr. Schluss said...


I think those songs are in a different format. I know Winamp is able to handle them all, but I think Windows Media Player (for example) gets a little picky with files. Everything except maybe "Mind Gardens" may work in itunes as well.

Anonymous said...

here's my opinion:

good one, just a little too heterogeneous. it's hard to me to imagine something like, say, grouper and zoroaster mixed into the same music.
anyway, i found some great songs: wooden shjips and zoroaster, that were completely strangers to me, and sure gas and boris, who are always nice to listen.
thank you for having introduced to me the flower solo works, i love the vibracathedral stuff.
the track i really can't stand is the bobbi humphrey one :P

Dr. Schluss said...

This is very much a "what I've been listening to" sort of comp. The "Psychedelic Pop Explosion" I posted in December is much more of a well-considered collection. I suppose that the Bobbi Humphrey may count as a guilty pleasure; I've been in this porn-movie 70's jazz thing as of late. My music listening is pretty spastic, so it's pretty common for me to go from Grouper to Zoroaster. Hopefully that doesn't suggest any serious mental issues.