19 June 2008

Glaze Of Cathexis - 2008 - The Visions Surround You

Howdy folks. Here's my most recent collection of music for your discerning ear. Unlike the other albums of my own, this one probably reflects more the sounds that you hear in the psychedelic garage. About half of this was recorded earlier this year in my Japanese mountain layer while the other half ended up on tape in the past month back in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Attempting to channel the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and other wacky nuggets, "Future Quake" was composed and recorded for a radio show of the same name out of Nashville, TN. Their website is at www.futurequake.com. "Focus on the Sun" is my tribute to the lovable, but endearingly naive bands of the 60's and beyond. Meanwhile, you'll find that I haven't given up on my shoegazer trip on "Elliptical." I carted out a few old compositions as "Spinning Top" and "Your Kingdom" are a direct result of my introduction to Syd Barrett and Flying Saucer Attack 10 years ago. I'll stop ranting, so download this and send me your comments. As always, I'd be more than happy to see this posted elsewhere too.

Track Listing:
1. Everything Is Not Wrong (3:26)
2. Future Quake (3:16)
3. Your Kingdom (5:42)
4. Revelation (3:03)
5. Elliptical (3:51)
6. Mayan Dawn (6:29)
7. Focus on the Sun (3:22)
8. I've Been Flying (3:03)
9. Spinning Top (2:51)
10. Yr. Old Dreams Dissipate (3:23)
11. Mayan Dusk (1:14)
Total Time: (39:35)
74.4 MB


Anonymous said...

I must be blind (maybe stupid or insane) I just cant see the cats at rapidshare, it so hard to se the difference between the symbols.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the link in the comments? Use that and you won't have to deal with Rapidshare at all.

Mondenkind said...

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amadeus :)


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear somebody channeling the most overlooked and under-appreciated members of the rock and roll royal obscurities in such a fine and modern fashion. Keep up the great work and I (and those I turn onto you) will surely be back for more.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. On my second listen already. Look forward to more. Well done!

hideo said...

nice one, Dr., going to have to check out the rest

Anonymous said...

this is an admirable thing you do, this blog

Executive Dreamer said...

Great sounds, great blog! Thanks for sharing.
Check out my album, Forever Brother:

Anonymous said...

link is dead ?

Dr. Schluss said...

The shareonall link was dead, but the 'listen to me' link on the main page is alive. Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive all around. Vocals, songwriting, playing and production are all at a very high level. Now looking forward to hearing some of the other GOC albums. Thanks!