25 February 2011

Dr. Schluss - 2011 - Reprograms Your Mind

This is the music that I tend to listen to while hanging around on my balcony, waiting for inspiration. Quite a bit of it is sort of ambient and drone filled, but it's the kind of stuff that I really dig. I often hang around listening to the sounds around me and looking for glimmers of light while listening to this stuff, predicting the chance that a train will soon pass by. I don't live quite as close to the train tracks as Elwood Blues, but I'm plenty close. Since I'm lazy, I never got around to making a compilation of my favorite albums from 2010, but if you read into this tracklist, you'll get a good idea about what I got into. For the record, Tame Impala's "Innerspeaker" was my number one album last year. There's plenty of other tunes milling about here as well - most of it can qualify as psychedelic, but I've got to give space for musical dieties like Charlie Parker as well. Give it a listen - I hope you'll find it as groovy as I do.

Track List:
1. Desire Be Desire Go - Tame Impala
2. Double Helix - Emeralds
3. Divergent Paths - Panabrite
4. One With the Sun - Santana
5. In Motion - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
6. Please Take - Wire
7. Counting Sevens - White Hills
8. Synesthesia - The Electric Flag
9. Fireflies on the Water - Arp
10. Wasting Time - This Love is Deadly
11. Same Dream China - Gold Panda
12. Bongo Bop - Charlie Parker
13. The Game Has Changed - Daft Punk
14. Chariot of the God - Deodato
15. We Got the System to Fight the System - Maserati
16. Alice et Simon - Sonic Youth
17. Sun Demon - Stereolab


Dr. Schluss said...


Sonio said...

Hello! Dr.Schluss
Thanks for good music supply!My i-pod seems very happy!
and I like Damaged Tape's "Beyond the Astral Labyrinth"!! It was great.

mike-floyd said...

Nice collection, Dr.!

I'm especially pleased to find "Wasting Time" by THIS LOVE IS DEADLY on your playlist. A band whose exellent ep I posted recently on my http://homemade-lofi-psychedelic.blogspot.com/ - they are some very talented musicians that I'm proud to say are friends of mine.
I hope they will get the recognition they deserve one day in the future...

Check out their complete ep here:

salsadetomate said...

thanks doc, just what i wanted

Anna Morrison said...

Just what the doctor ordered.

Unknown said...

So my mind has been re-programmed and I am feeling good about the project.

thanks - that is a great mix of sounds


The Northern Miles said...

Great mix - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please Dr. Schluss could you re-post this compilation? the link is dead. Thanks,

cheo said...

The link is r.i.p.
Puedes reponerlo,te agradeceria.