19 August 2008

Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier - 1968 - Les Yper Sound

Quality: 3.75 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 3.75 out of 5

This EP is an amusing concoction, lounging in the easy listening section of your soul but containing a pretty groovy blur of psychedelic synthesis to stir your mind. The "Psyche Rock" track will probably seem pretty familiar to you, even if you've never heard it. The theme song of the cartoon "Futurama" is a direct homage/rip-off of the track, depending on how you feel about the situation. The chord structure and rhythm are about the same, but we do get the jolly noises of early synthesis ripping through the track. Sounding even more psych-rock like than that titular track are the grooving "Jericho Jerk" and the full-thrust "Too Fortiche," in which an acid rock guitar battles with a sawtooth wave. You might also note that Stereolab nicked a song title from the title of this EP. This does make an impact as one of the more notable 'hipster' influences on that band's sound. There's a lot of droning noise here juxtaposed with dancin'-down-Carnaby Street sort of groove jazz. Take that for what it's worth. More reviews soon. Too many martinis right now. Mix the martinis with some psychedelic substance and you'll end up with this disc.


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isksp said...

nice one, a awsome album


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Hey I just found this blog, and there a few things I would like to say:

1) Nice rips. The quality are very nice. Thanks for taking the time to do this

2) Your knowledge is wonderful to accompany these records

3) The rarity of some of these records makes this priceless to me. I have wanted many of these, but could not even come close to affording them. But now I can enjoy them. Thank you


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I believe Stereolab named a song after this album... good stuff..

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Thx for the post, this is a great record.

Arthur said...

Huge thank you for this!
Being a fan of Stereolab I've been looking for it so long!

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I stumble upon your blog again it's fantatic to see it active after 7 years, I just had to leave a note. Thanks again for sharing your music