19 August 2008

Homemade Lo-Fi Psych Compilations

I tend to shy aware from compilations, but this one deserves your psychedelic attention. Mike Floyd over at the Homemade Lo-fi Psych blog just got together another fine collection of tripped out sounds from an international constituent of musicians. In fact, there's a previously unreleased Glaze of Cathexis track there waiting for your ear. Give it a listen here:

Embryo Thoughts

If you dig it, check out the first volume (featuring a track from Damaged Tape's "Electric Ocean"), available here:

Relax and Float Downstream

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some great stuff on that three disks. Anyone interested in finding out how psychedelic and experimental music sounds TODAY, should really have a listen to those two samplers.
re;birth and Not Like Always are absolute killer tracks!