20 April 2008

Damaged Tape - 2004 - Electric Ocean

After all that Subotnick, I thought I'd throw a little more of my electronica your way. These recordings are actually my first serious attempts at electronic music, and I'm still very happy with them for the most part. They have a groovy dirty analog sound that I dig, and I've never been able to make music quite so Air-like (as in the French band) since I made this stuff. My only real qualms as the musician is that the sound quality is a touch dirtier than I'm typically happy with, and there are a few rhythmic inconsistencies since I was recording directly onto tape without anything but simple synth sequences to guide me. At least I can brag that there are absolutely no recording tricks here. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and please leave some comments! As always, other blogmasters are more than welcome to repost this; it puts a smile on my face.

Track Listing
1. Europa (2:42)
2. Charley Acid (4:12)
3. Planetary Roulette (2:29)
4. Collide (0:57)
5. Tortoise Highway (1:02)
6. Space-Time Tear (1:31)
7. Communist Dirge 2048 (3:22)
8. Emerald Twilight (1:44)
9. Mars Patrol (1:13)
10. Lost in the Woods (2:19)
11. Lunar Disco (1:35)
12. Trapped Under Glass (2:17)
13. Marble Raincloud (4:54)
Total Time: 30:14
55.7 MB

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Damaged Tape - 2004 - Electric Ocean

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Damaged Tape - 2004 - Electric Ocean


mike-floyd said...

Hi Dr Schluss!,

hope to make you smile soon - cause I will post "Electric Ocean" in the near future on my blog...

Once again I have to say: I really like your older stuff a lot - probably even better than the newer one. (I know I'm in the minority with that...)
The only thing I have to critizise: Some tracks could be longer
Anyway: great work.
Q + ToM: 4 out of 5 I'd say.


Anonymous said...

great music!
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KM said...

Checked this out this morning. Enjoyed the listen. Feeling a little tired today and this music just hit the spot. I especially liked "Charley Acid", "Collide", & "Marble Raincloud" - great ending for an album. Thanks!