24 August 2007

The Third Bardo - 1967 - The Third Bardo

Quality: 2.75 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 3.75 out of 5

I've always considered The Third Bardo's "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time" to be one of the absolute highlights of the Nuggets box. It has an odd, ranting insanity that I love, and has gotten some modern acknowledgement by way of a not-too-bad cover from Primal Scream a few years back. Alas, The Third Bardo is the very definition of a one-hit-wonder (although I suppose they were missing the actual hit) and never found the opportunity to record a proper album. Here we have a short collection of their few other recordings along with their moment of demented glory.

The B-side of "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time" is "Rainbow Life." It's got nice, trippy squiggly guitar, but it doesn't really grab you by the nuts the way the A-side does. I'm sure no one had trouble figuring out which side to play, although I don't think many DJs played either side.

There are a few remaining tracks that unfortunately fail to distinguish themselves much. "Dawn Of Tomorrow" is a pleasant, but forgettable rocker that seems to be drifting over into R&B while "Lose Your Mind" recycles the "Five Years Ahead Of My Time Riff" while severely suffering from the Law Of Diminishing Returns. Then there's a demo-quality "I Can Understand Your Problem" which sounds about like what you'd expect from a demo.

The Third Bardo's moment in the sun had left me thirsting to hear more of them for about ten years. I have to admit that I was more than a little dissappointed by the big reveal, but sometimes a one single band really was a one single band. Still, you very well may be curious as I was. So, listen, listen...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent write-up on Third Bardo. I felt as impressed as you did after hearing "5 Years" off the Nuggets box, and felt similarly disappointed with the other tunes, although I may have enjoyed "Rainbow Life " slightly more than you did. I think if one likes "5 Years," though, listening to the rest is mandatory, as it's the only recordings these guys ever made, which is a shame-- they could been contenders.
BTW, Monster Magnet did an excellent cover of "5 Years," too, with a little more muscle (as should be expected) than Primal Scream. I believe it can be downloaded for free at their website.
Thanks again for the post and the great write-up.

E.Baba said...

Can't find a link here Doc.

My 1993 EP vinyl doesn't have the full set. Have heard 'Rainbow Life' on Myspace and i'm prob with 'Gordon' on that one.

E.Baba said...

Oh Doc PLEEEZE can you re-up this.
Can't find the full set anywhere except 1 torrent with no seeds/leeches !!

many thanks if pos.

great blog

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