01 May 2012


I'm doing groovy, but many of the links are not.  I'll star repairing links next week (out of town now), but if you're a reader of this blog and have been charmed by a certain album, I'd much appreciate it if you could supply a link in the comments for that review.  I've gotten back up a few of my recent Glaze of Cathexis ('I Often Dream of the Apocalypse' and 'Underground Sound') and Damaged Tape ('The Floating Existence' and 'Ambiguous Reality') albums, as well as some stuff like Mohave Triangles, Dementia and Hope Trails, Akiko Nakamura, and Stone Fox since those albums just happened to be on the flash drive in my backpack.  I've been music blogging long enough to know that this stuff happens, so keep it zen and we'll continue choogling along.  For the time being, dig on the reviews.


Anonymous said...

Dug, they shall be. Stay groovy.

Anonymous said...

You're the man.

Martin said...

I've supplied links for Mutantes and lots of Canterbury albums (Khan, Steve Hillage, Soft Machine)

That's the least I could do for a blog that made me know tons of ambient sounds that changed my life.

Keep on reprogramming our minds!

Dr. Schluss said...

Thanks for the assist, Martin!

Gardenhead said...

Glad to see you're doing well. Still my favourite psychedelia blog. You've been the source of so many great discoveries doc. Keep it (un)real!

Unknown said...

An additional concern for RBR was that the last garage was so close to the white line marking the pit exit that
its drivers were not able to accelerate up to the speed limit before crossing it, which created a small disadvantage at each stop.

MCPOWest said...

Cool-mo-de! Hey man this is tits! I am a 100% Service Connected - Totally & Permanently Disabled American Veteran of 27 yrs Active Duty Service. I have been attempting a 'civil' adjustment to civilian life and thus far have found very little that is 'civil' about it.

I am a Retired/Disabled Master Chief Petty Officer with 6yrs prior service in the Marine Corps and 21yrs in the Navy. Your site (I discovered last-night-wee-wee morning hours today) is a HUGE cool, calm, collected; breath of fresh air. And HOPE. Thanks man, for taking the time and putting forth the effort to bring such joy to so many people. I am very adept at computer technology (thanks to Sam) and would like to offer my help in ANY way possible. I did find some links this AM to some tunage here that are no longer working.

Also, a few years ago whilst do the dirty work for our Uncle, I wrote a program that is (I guess) a pretty big deal to musicians (many send me masters to 'clean'), I have spent about 3 hours today mixing, editing RE-PRODUCING the Hawkwind "Space Ritual" concert. I have produced it as it was performed, in order, continuous (all ONE song) and have cleaned up some of the very poor qualities resulting from the limited production equipment of that day, hell, even on the "Remaster" some areas stll suck.

FYI - just wanted to let you know these things, offer a hand and to send my sincere gratitude for you and your work. HOOYAH! HOOYAH! HOOYAH!

Master Chief
(mcpo_west YAHOO Dotty Commune - dig?