07 September 2011

Damaged Tape -2011 - Nude Witchcraft EP

This is the soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist. I made these tracks for Gonzoriffic Productions ringleader (and Glaze of Cathexis drummer) Andrew Shearer. He was on his way to a filmmaking vacation in Hollywood, and I made these with the intention of providing him with some Michael Mann sleaze for his endevours. Somewhere along the line, he had a dream about making a film called 'Nude Witchcraft.' While he didn't make the film, he did come up with a trailer and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a tune for that as well.

The tunes are very much focused through the analog early 80's. In fact, except for a vocoder on the title track, everything here is 100% analog electronics. I applied a bit of Scott Atkinson's poetry to 'Light's Passage.' Meanwhile, 'Harp of the Triple Goddess' comes from some tracks I've been working on with Andrew Bland, whom I worked with several years ago on the 'Paper Tigers' LP (the rest of the tracks will appear soon). None of the original track remains, but I did recreate some of his melodic contributions for this cut.

I considered putting these with some other tracks for an LP, but they work so well together and are so much cut of the same cloth that I decided to keep them as a shorter length collection. I hope you dig what you hear.

Track List:
1. Nude Witchcraft (2:54)
2. Musings of the Horned God (4:35)
3. Raindrops in the Waterfall (5:01)
4. The Molten Universe (3:05)
5. Light's Passage (4:45)
6. Harp of the Triple Goddess (3:22)

Listen to Me:

This isn't especially out of bounds, but you do get at least some of what you clicked for when you click on 'Nude Witchcraft':


Dr. Schluss said...

Hmmm... I should probably not make album credits after drinking. I forgot a few things.

Anyway, you'll also hear some guitar on the first track and bongos on the fourth.

Plus the title track includes a sample from Don Cherry's 1972 track, 'North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn.'

Unknown said...

The music's great; I think I would have enjoyed the move too if it had ever been made!