18 April 2020

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (w/ Norman Lao and John Champion from "Mission Log")

I've got a lot of new music on the cooker, but this is the 2020's and it is time for Khan - in the Doctor's sci-fi podcast.  We've got some real Trek dudes from the deep diving Mission Log podcast to bring in the insight as well.  Nothing's more psychedelic than the Mutara Nebula.


Stephanie Hart said...

Howdy. I have a new 10-song psychedelic pop album I'd love to pass on for your feedback and/or review!


I'd love to know what you think of it.

Kwai Chang said...

A week ago, I downloaded William Shatner's two Star Trek Memories audiobooks from Not Very Pretty Music blog. I was fascinated by the first(Star Trek Memories) book and immediately started referencing each of the original episodes discussed. This was a great way to enrich my own familiarity with the original TV show and I learned massive amounts of things that made me appreciate the greatness of the series that I never knew. When I listened to the second book(Star Trek Movie Memories) I was again fascinated by the details being shared in the narrative. I was born in 1960...I was watching Star Trek syndicated reruns every day after school through four years of grades 9-12. I was too busy to ever give the movies the time of day when they were released. The Star Trek Movie Memories audio book was so intriguing that I couldn't get more than 25% into it before I turned it off and started searching for the Star Trek movies. I found them available on Amazon Prime(?) and spent yesterday afternoon watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture...twice! The audiobook had prepped me for maximum enjoyment AND appreciation of a 40 year segue that seemed perfectly timed, however late it actually was. Last night I was so excited by the pre-game anticipation of watching Star Trek II, that I could NOT stay awake. I remember Khan showing Chekov the earwig worms and nothing more. So, this morning, I started the movie back at the beginning. I thought it was so great that I did not bother listening to the relevant portion of the audio book and despite the unforeseen heart wrenching loss of Spock...I watched it twice. Two hours ago, I was prepping for The Search For Spock...paused the opening images of the first scene...clicked onto the Twilight Zone blog to check some downloads and suddenly I found myself here. I saw The Wrath Of Khan image above this podcast and was thrilled that the crossroads of destiny was giving me undeniable guidance about my destination. I must say that your podcast is not only incredibly informative...but also so funny that all of the sadness of Spock's demise was healed completely, if not excessively so. I absolutely loved the experience and now consider it time to watch Khan yet a third time before proceeding forward. The podcast was such that the third viewing will be so enriched that it will be effortless to do. It is a privilege that I never saw coming. I can hardly wait. I am already primed to start it up. The ONLY thing I must ask is...how can I download the podcast as an audio file? Is this outside the realm of possibility? ANY help is appreciated.
I am prepared to listen to the podcast again and again as it was a beautiful blast of humor that meshed perfectly with the movie and Shatner's books. It was also very informative in ways that Bill's books couldn't accommodate without starting brand new tangent points that would require chapters of extra writing.
You've done a wonderful job with this podcast and now I will be the luckiest viewer of The Wrath Of Khan ever...even 40 years late.
You guys are hilarious and NOT geeky...but, very, very helpful. Thank you for helping this movie to be better than it ever could have been at any point prior!
The beginning!
Kwai Chang

Here are the links for the two audiobooks I mentioned(see my comments there for full impact of this comment):
if these links are in violation of your rules, please remove them...THANKS!!!

Dr. Schluss said...

Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear we are greasing the gears for a Star Trek movie awakening. Star Trek III is coming up on our podcast in about two weeks. I think this link has an audio download option, and if that doesn’t work, I can make a Google Drive link when I get home.


I may as well link our dive into the first one as well:


Kwai Chang said...

Righteously turned on!
The needs of the one...
I am completely marinaded and ready for the rotisserie!
What a great party to be late to!
I really am in awe about the first two movies.
Your podcast made the Wrath something of a super deluxe experience.
After all, there is nothing finer than praise from 3 connoisseurs.
(Thanks for the links/downloadable podcasts)
See you on Genesis

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