27 October 2018

Electrick Sages - 2018 - The Electrick Book of the Dead

May you been hanging around the Psychedelic Garage these late October days?  Or any other time, really?

Peel back the veil, focus past the illusions of werewolves, witches, and vampires, to join the Electrick Sages through a grimoire of sound through the ethereal unknown. Let them introduce you to The Electrick Book of the Dead. May their electronic tones serve as a stimulus to blast your mind between the bardos – between waking life and dream, life and death, samsara and samhadi. They’re wrapping threads of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, the Orb, and Gas around the science of the Egyptians and Tibetans to dive headlong into that perennial groove. 

Electrick Sages Scott Atkinson and Matt Comegys hail from Australia and the U.S. respectively, but they decamped to Japan around 15 years ago. Scott weaves tales and produces the visual content of the Sages from his perch above the Tokyo skyline while Matt darts through rice fields and between mountains in the center of Japan, painting aural pictures with synthesizers, guitars, and a tambourine. Under their Roving Sage Media banner, the pair has touched upon the electronic vibe found here, as well as extended forays into psychedelic rock, post punk, and plastic soul. 

Do note that tracks 3-10 are basically a reading list. It wouldn't do you wrong to look those books up for some metaphysical literary fireworks.



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