04 March 2018

Dr. Schluss Bugging the Star Trek Mission Log Podcast

Did I ever tell you that the Doctor is an absolute Trekkie?  I don't go to conventions or do cosplay (unless it's Spider Man), but I do watch the show in the movies on a regular basis.  I can answer most intermediate trivia questions about anything Trek.

Anyway, I've been getting into the Mission Log podcast enough to blast a somewhat politically charged message their way a month or so ago.  They read it and answered it in depth on last week's episode starting at 27 minutes deep.  Do note that I go by "Matt" when you're in the same room.  Here's a link, although I'd personally head for my itunes, where you can also find it.

TNG Recap No. 1

And here I am as Spider Man (don't own Star Fleet digs).

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