07 November 2015

Visualizations of the Roving Sage

While my musical productivity is going only without change, we're shifting our presentation to focus more on film.  Y'know, the bizarre sort of experimental films which can fill in the background at your next 'happening.'  This is Blueshifter, the first clip from the electronically-minded 'Astral Soothsayer Part I," which will be coming your way as a 16-minute or so film and soundtrack late this year or early next year:

If you've been digging 'The Amorphous Infinity,' the whole album now has a film.  Here 'tis:

And you can find the downloadable album here:


Pisŧöff said...

Nice. I've got 2 monitors, so I put one video on each and watched them at the same time with different eyes.

Call the paramedics.


Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,

Here And Now Band at archive org :



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