07 April 2015

I Am the Vertige

Welp, this is the most psychedelic video I've seen for a while.  I always do "I Am the Walrus" at karaoke without fail, and I'm always up for avant-garde strangeness, so this is directly up me alley.  Warning: you will see boobies in this video, so it's NSFW.  I dunno, maybe it shouldn't be a warning - I like to see boobies.  I'll get to you soon with new reviews - been stewing in my own juices or something.  I did create a lot of electronic music in those juices, though, which will soon be coming your way.  Oh yes, video:


Ian G said...

Hey! Thanks for the tip off. Yeah! I really like the Beatles slowed down, the George Harrisongs work particularly well. I guess all kinds of music probably sounds better, slower? Maybe even irritating J-Pop??

Wanted to see "Vertige" for aeons. The complete version just popped up right after I'd watched this: Worth a peek, day trippers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSDVX-mmlD4

Blogger said...

Full Audio: Sprinter - True Lya Lya (Psy-Trance)