16 October 2014

Stan Brakhage

Hi, folks!  I'm in the middle of a move right now and haven't had any time to write up any reviews. While you're waiting though, have a gander at a few phantasmagorically trippy short films from experimental demigod Stan Brakhage.  I dig him enough to have named my band after one of his films.  In fact, a lot of his films are silent.  In fact, may I be presumptuous enough to suggest augmenting them with some recordings by Glaze of Cathexis?


Tom_Wheeler said...

It's interesting to see videos of Stan Brackage's films digitized and streaming on small illuminated screens. He was so much consumed with investing the poetry of overexposure, scratched emulsion, the physical process of slicing and splicing celluloid with plastic tape; to the point where he wanted his films projected silent to not distract from the refraction on a beaded screen. I guess its the cinematic equivalent of photographing paintings and printing smaller versions of their imagery in bound paper book to set upon the coffee table.

Unknown said...

Yeah, in a case like Brakhage, youtube's just a place to sample and maybe pick up fans. I post my own music there as well as at bandcamp for similar purpose, and it doesn't quite sound right streaming, but I hope it's enough to get folks interested. When I want to watch Brakhage for my own amusement or to turn a visiting friend on to those films, it's time to break out the Criterion blu-rays. But for the proper film snob, even that wouldn't compare to the quality of actual (undamaged) film reel, especially when dealing with a director who would often manipulate the film itself.

-Dr. Schluss

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