26 January 2013

Golden Brown - 2012 - High Tide at Gold Beach

Quality: 4 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 4.5 out of 5

And here's another ambient voyage to soothe your soul.  Golden Brown breaks a bit past the bounds of the experimental 30-minute cassette tape release, but you've got a bit more time to drift downstream and a bit more of a hi-fi production sound than the thin hiss of a tape provides.  Gently picked guitar and echoing sounds are guided by the steady pulse of a well placed delay pedal.  It's not quite genius at work, but the goal of fusing the oceanic and the coast come through quiet and clear.

"High Tide" and "Low Tide" take up the bulk of this release.  In many ways, they are of a single piece, but there is an effect of yin and yang, push and pull as the former provides just touch more power while the late slowly recedes away.  A few ancillary pieces fill out the 36 minute running time.  The opening serves an overture, while the similarly short "Cycles" flirts with the idea of a beat with the twangy, eponymously cyclic sound of plucked banjo strings.

Graced with some fantastically psychedelic cover art work, this music seeks to center your soul.  While not quite entering the pantheon of the new age of Earth, the sounds here are worth serving as your new, ornate aural wallpaper for more than a few plays of the media player.

Time to visit another Bandcamp page:
Golden Brown - 2012 - High Tide at Gold Beach


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Subterrestrial said...
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Subterrestrial said...

Thank you for posting this absolutely brilliant music! I know I'm always going to find something interesting to listen to on this blog.