28 November 2012

San Kazakgascar - 2012 - Drought Times EP

Quality: 3.75 out of 5
Trip-O-Meter: 4 out of 5

I think I've pretty well completely aired out my love for sitars, and Middle Eastern trance beats aren't too far removed from that sounds.  These guys are turning into drums and echoing the sounds of the tripped out desert oasis freak beat club.  Their vocalist must have given the Peter Tork vocal of the Monkees' "Can You Dig It" a spin at least 6084 times.  Yeah, he's not quite droning in key, but it pebble jumps along the air of rarefied raga rock grooviness.

We're just looking at an EP here, so there are only four tunes for your earhole.  We've got a sandwich of sorts, with the beats of "Crispy Lords" and "The Switchbacks Are Crumbling" finding the center of the drone and blasting away like a hashish-confused, but blissful Jane's Addiction as existed for a scant 25 minutes on "Ritual de lo Habitual."  That, plus a gold-medallion and beige turtleneck wearing Peter Tork.  They pick up the beat for the center two tunes, but they don't quite sent the same arrows into the karmatic center of my subconscious.  It's more like a neighborhood art festival getting a dose of the gypsy juice (whatever that is).

It's far too late a night, but I'm spending a very groovy 16 minutes with the sunblasted, Middle East-vibing San Kazakgascar and I'm digging it.  Maybe they can touch you in that special spot as well.

You will experience the psychedelic raga rock sounds of San Kazakgascar at their Bandcamp:


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