31 May 2011

A Large Chonker of Daevid Allen's Legacy

Linking guru srecko ujka has been busy adding links for a bunch of obscuro releases from Gong kingpin Daevid Allen in the comments section for Pierre Moerlin's Gong - 1979 - Downwind. I guess it's an inside joke that he put the links on the post for a Gong release that doesn't feature Mr. Allen - the fellow is definitely up on his Gong history (more than myself, really). Thanks for all the links!


srecko ujka said...

Actually, it was not a joke, BUT, there's a reasonable explanation: after adding some links, I've found out that it would be so difficult (and slow) for me to put all of them in the right spot... Basically, I thought YOU should notice that most of them were misplaced, and they needed relocation. It seems I was right guessing you should do that. Thanks, for helping me being usefull!

srecko ujka said...

To be honest, BEING LAZY iz my middle name. Almost like Homer Simpson!