29 April 2013

Glaze of Cathexis - 2013 - A Lotus Pond in Winter EP

Drinking in a Tokyo hotel and randomly deciding that this is the time to release this.  There's an album on the way as well, but I'm going to transmit a bit of EP to your mind first.  I think I've been musically time traveling the past few years.  "Underground Sound" and the couple following albums fulfilled my 60's dreams, while "Neon Buddha" rolled on through the 70's.  Now there's a 80's indie sound rising bubbling to the surface on the title track of this one.  I'm trying to hit that Sonic Youth buzz, and maybe even the nirvana of the Bloody Valentines if possible.  Please share the sounds around and tell me what you think of this fun-sized batch of psychedelia.

Have a listen here, pilgrim:


Jay said...

I like this, but then again the 80s SST scene was/is my jam. Getting a little White Fence on ESP & Fleeting Mirrors (def a good thing), and I love the mystical, mellow trip-out of Cryptic Starscapes. Keep up the good work and keep the faith.

Dr. Schluss said...

Glad you dig it! I'll have to track down White Fence. I remember trying to last year after I read a review of "Family Perfume," but coming away empty-handed. The album, "Prophecies of the All-Seeing Sage" is basically finished - but I'm still screwing around with the mixes because I'm OCD.