02 April 2019

Clan of the Heavenly Sword

Yeah, it's my new favorite movie.  There's no English, but it de-evolves into sword-fu within fove seconds of anyone saying something.  The incoherence takes on a meditative pulse that may just lead you to Samhadi.


05 February 2019

Glaze of Cathexis - Atlantean Vibrational Sound

I haven't been in much of a reviewing mood, but we're certainly in a music making mood out here.  New Electrick Sages and even a Glaze release will be trompsing your way soon, but for now, how about a journey into the past down this psychedelic road?

This compiles the trippier spoken word instrumentals and instrumentals that inhabited the corners of the proper Glaze albums.  Run this way, though - and you'll find a metaphysical swirl of astral bubbles, infinite guitars, and bongo bonks.