10 June 2019

Electrick Sages - "Heat and Light" Video

Our last album's picking up some momentum.  Why not this one as well?  Experience our HEAT, and our LIGHT with this video.  Then light a candle and stare into it for an hour.

25 May 2019

Electrick Sages - The "Unknown" Reality Video

While I don't review much these day, people seem to dig it when I follow my own musical tangents.  I've got a new iPad and dove headfirst into doing the video creation myself.  So do have a look at my psychedelic dive though the energy vibrations of some temples in Japan.  It sort of doubles as my book review for Jane Roberts' book, The "Unknown" Reality, which you should have a read into.

And get into the full album here.  I can be a free-for-all, but if you want to contribute to the cause, even that single dollar brings a smile to my starving artist heart.

12 May 2019

Doin' Otis and Paul

I've been lugging a cheap guitarlele to Japanese temples and jammin' on songs I dig.  I guess I'm not in such a reviewing mood.  But hey, maybe you'll get into my jam?

22 April 2019

Electrick Sages - 2019 - The "Unknown" Reality

Following down the razor-edge Katahdin path from rock n' roll to plastic soul on this continuing psychedelic journey.  The "Unknown" Reality was a book by Jane Roberts and her husband while she "channelled" the non-physical entity Seth.  You don't have to buy than - but you should read the book.  And you should listen to this album.

Here's a kind of formal intro:
Take a psychedelic, plastic soul journey into the "Unknown" Reality with the Electrick Sages. Scott Atkinson (AUS) and Matt Comegys (US) have been setting the controls to "groovy" in the heart of Japan for more than a decade. The duo made straight-up psychedelic rock as Glaze of Cathexis and electronica as Damaged Tape before careening off into deep space on the good ship Funkinstein, with the ghost of David Bowie at the helm and George Clinton in the captain's chair. 

This new collection includes the electrode stomp of the title track, the leisure suit footstompin' of "Underground Wonderland," a trip of the mind to the edge of our solar system with "O'muamua," and the fractured, yet poppy soundscapes of "Flash in my Wingspan" and "Heat and Light."

02 April 2019

Clan of the Heavenly Sword

Yeah, it's my new favorite movie.  There's no English, but it de-evolves into sword-fu within fove seconds of anyone saying something.  The incoherence takes on a meditative pulse that may just lead you to Samhadi.

05 February 2019

Glaze of Cathexis - Atlantean Vibrational Sound

I haven't been in much of a reviewing mood, but we're certainly in a music making mood out here.  New Electrick Sages and even a Glaze release will be trompsing your way soon, but for now, how about a journey into the past down this psychedelic road?

This compiles the trippier spoken word instrumentals and instrumentals that inhabited the corners of the proper Glaze albums.  Run this way, though - and you'll find a metaphysical swirl of astral bubbles, infinite guitars, and bongo bonks.