18 April 2020

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (w/ Norman Lao and John Champion from "Mission Log")

I've got a lot of new music on the cooker, but this is the 2020's and it is time for Khan - in the Doctor's sci-fi podcast.  We've got some real Trek dudes from the deep diving Mission Log podcast to bring in the insight as well.  Nothing's more psychedelic than the Mutara Nebula.

05 March 2020

VA - 2020 - Crossing The Cosmic Void (Full Compilation)

Five hours of psychedelic insanity from the Aumega netlabel.  The Garage makes a couple appearances with "In the Land of Temples" and "Stalking the Wild Pendulum."

MP3s of the whole trip are available here:

And don't forget the Electrick Sages recent "Aterui (Lord of the Bad Road)", which is available for "pay whatever you want:"

"Flash Gordon" at the Sci-Fi Sanctuary

You can't get more psychedelically weird that this cult sci-fi masterpiece, which apparently is a big thing in the UK as my co-host Luke states.  We rap quite about about the bizarre zone this flick lives in and do a questionable version of the theme song.

15 January 2020

Matt and Luke's Sci-Fi Sanctuary on YouTube

My focus these days has been more on the wild world of sci-fi cinema.  I think more than a few psych-heads may be down with that as well.  If you don't mind the occasional colorful metaphor, have a listen.  We just had our rant about 2001: A Space Odyssey while last month was Star Wars month.

30 December 2019

Electrick Sages - 2019 - Aterui (Lord of the Bad Road)

Ending out the year with a slice of the Electrick Sages.  Aterui was an aboriginal chief in northern Japan who stood his ground against the encroaching rose of "civilization."  It's got a good thought or two to thunk about.  We're doing our art rock think, with notable sprinkings of Philly Soul, electronica, and a whole new bass rumble with a recently acquired copy of the Bass of Doom (think Jaco Pastorius)  Have a listen and support us a bit at Bandcamp if you're feeling that holiday spirit:

Meanwhile, we're dropping f-bombs with the ultimate boy band, Psychedelically Violent.  This is all of my raging Id, and it seems to have funneled down into my own personal Ween album.  For this one, listen if you dare:

22 December 2019

What Has the Doctor Been Up To?

Obviously not reviewing psychedelic albums.  Truth be told, I've been busy trying to master the Bach Cello Suites on a proper cello.  I've also been talking sci-fi movies with me UK mate, and I imagine at least three of you are probably into both psychedelic music and sci-fi movies.  I think we use all seven of the dirt words from time to time.  It's on Apple Podcasts and stuff, but here's a link elsewhere:


We've got two albums coming down the pipe on December 28th, both will be available at http://rovingsagemedia.bandcamp.com along with the many other original sounds from the Psychedelic Garage.  Get your start with this promo vid:

10 June 2019

Electrick Sages - "Heat and Light" Video

Our last album's picking up some momentum.  Why not this one as well?  Experience our HEAT, and our LIGHT with this video.  Then light a candle and stare into it for an hour.

25 May 2019

Electrick Sages - The "Unknown" Reality Video

While I don't review much these day, people seem to dig it when I follow my own musical tangents.  I've got a new iPad and dove headfirst into doing the video creation myself.  So do have a look at my psychedelic dive though the energy vibrations of some temples in Japan.  It sort of doubles as my book review for Jane Roberts' book, The "Unknown" Reality, which you should have a read into.

And get into the full album here.  I can be a free-for-all, but if you want to contribute to the cause, even that single dollar brings a smile to my starving artist heart.

12 May 2019

Doin' Otis and Paul

I've been lugging a cheap guitarlele to Japanese temples and jammin' on songs I dig.  I guess I'm not in such a reviewing mood.  But hey, maybe you'll get into my jam?

22 April 2019

Electrick Sages - 2019 - The "Unknown" Reality

Following down the razor-edge Katahdin path from rock n' roll to plastic soul on this continuing psychedelic journey.  The "Unknown" Reality was a book by Jane Roberts and her husband while she "channelled" the non-physical entity Seth.  You don't have to buy than - but you should read the book.  And you should listen to this album.

Here's a kind of formal intro:
Take a psychedelic, plastic soul journey into the "Unknown" Reality with the Electrick Sages. Scott Atkinson (AUS) and Matt Comegys (US) have been setting the controls to "groovy" in the heart of Japan for more than a decade. The duo made straight-up psychedelic rock as Glaze of Cathexis and electronica as Damaged Tape before careening off into deep space on the good ship Funkinstein, with the ghost of David Bowie at the helm and George Clinton in the captain's chair. 

This new collection includes the electrode stomp of the title track, the leisure suit footstompin' of "Underground Wonderland," a trip of the mind to the edge of our solar system with "O'muamua," and the fractured, yet poppy soundscapes of "Flash in my Wingspan" and "Heat and Light."

05 February 2019

Glaze of Cathexis - Atlantean Vibrational Sound

I haven't been in much of a reviewing mood, but we're certainly in a music making mood out here.  New Electrick Sages and even a Glaze release will be trompsing your way soon, but for now, how about a journey into the past down this psychedelic road?

This compiles the trippier spoken word instrumentals and instrumentals that inhabited the corners of the proper Glaze albums.  Run this way, though - and you'll find a metaphysical swirl of astral bubbles, infinite guitars, and bongo bonks.

03 December 2018

Psychedelically Violent - "You Gotta Nixon Body" (Video)

I'd say I don't know how I got into this, but the fact is I instigated it due to an inside joke with myself.  Then, it became a thing... that played to multiple cinema audiences.  I'm falsetto caterwauling and setting down faux 2 Live Crew Beats.  The folks from Gonzoriffic were filming and dancing around in Richard Nixon masks.  And let's give credit to Coqette De Jour, who both directed and danced around in said Nixon mask.

Dig some more Gonzoriffic, maybe starting here:


27 October 2018

Electrick Sages - 2018 - The Electrick Book of the Dead

May you been hanging around the Psychedelic Garage these late October days?  Or any other time, really?

Peel back the veil, focus past the illusions of werewolves, witches, and vampires, to join the Electrick Sages through a grimoire of sound through the ethereal unknown. Let them introduce you to The Electrick Book of the Dead. May their electronic tones serve as a stimulus to blast your mind between the bardos – between waking life and dream, life and death, samsara and samhadi. They’re wrapping threads of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, the Orb, and Gas around the science of the Egyptians and Tibetans to dive headlong into that perennial groove. 

Electrick Sages Scott Atkinson and Matt Comegys hail from Australia and the U.S. respectively, but they decamped to Japan around 15 years ago. Scott weaves tales and produces the visual content of the Sages from his perch above the Tokyo skyline while Matt darts through rice fields and between mountains in the center of Japan, painting aural pictures with synthesizers, guitars, and a tambourine. Under their Roving Sage Media banner, the pair has touched upon the electronic vibe found here, as well as extended forays into psychedelic rock, post punk, and plastic soul. 

Do note that tracks 3-10 are basically a reading list. It wouldn't do you wrong to look those books up for some metaphysical literary fireworks.


22 October 2018

"Bardo Traveler" by the Electrick Sages

I haven't been too prolific here, but I do have three albums of psychedelic music coming your way in the next few months.  This is "Bardo Traveler," a concoction of astral transporative sound from "The Electrick Book of the Dead," which you'll hear in full next week.  The idea is to explore those barriers between dreams and waking life, those endless cycles of life and death, and so on.  I do hope you'll dig our explorations into vibrational resonance.

22 July 2018

The Higherside Chats (Podcast)

Now, this one is not music.  Of course, music is the central vortex of my life, but there are so many other realms of thought to consider.  A bit of personal info: I weighed 92km a year or two after this site began, swooped down to 75kg, and I'm now inhabiting around 78kg because I've got nasty habits and take tea at three.  Anyway, they keystone here is that I try to walk between 8 and 15 (or more) kilometers a day, and I accompany myself with podcasts for a lot of that time.  I have been mainlining this one.

Greg Carlwood is a midwestern feller transplanted to San Diego (which I believe was discovered by the Germans in 1904) who talks to the trippiest sorts of people, apparently from the foot of his bed with a joint in hand.  I'm a little jealous since I now live in Japan and haven't had a joint in my hand since the theatrical premier of Iron Man 2, but that's neither here nor there.

Greg touches on every topic that should pick the ire of a psychonaut - the conspiratorial, the transcendental, and the multi-dimensional just to name a few.  If you've got your face square in the physical d/illusion, some of it is going to piss you off.  Do note that Greg will typically address the wilder claims with a Dude-like "Fair enough."  But if you want to hear some folks go on about Hollow Earth Nazi UFOs, or century-spanning magical spells (among a myriad of other topics), this is the place to be.

Now, I have zero connection with Greg Carlwood.  I did send some of my own music along with the hopes it might show up in an episode, but judging by the opening and closing tunes, we've got different tastes (this only accounts for 1% of the show).  SInce we've got 99% left, though, that doesn't matter.  What does matter is that only half of the show is free, and the other half requires a subscription.  This goes from $5 a month to $8 a month on August 1st.  I'm putting in for another six months before the price hike takes place, and you may want to train your ear on this as well.  A price hike is always a mountain of dinosaur poo, but if there is any place to support one, this is it.

Here's a link to that extended show.  You can still find the one-hour version on itunes ore other podcast hosts.