28 November 2012

Glaze of Cathexis - 2012 - Neon Buddha

"In the unexplored alcoves, glinting holy light shine resplendently bright in the doorways of our timeless, everlasting mind... every eternal moment is waiting to be renewed to the kingdom of its throne. Lights of spirit pierce like sacred lightning through the chaotic, stormy wilderness of ignorance and delusion.  Yet, allow the pure light to resonate and penetrate... the wounded spirit becomes healed and all becomes truly clear in our diminishing lifesong of deep love and joy."

Glaze of Cathexis' resident poet and conceptual artist, Scott Atkinson, made the pilgrimage to Myanmar and found the neon Buddhas, decked out in a bit of bling, but still staring into the infinite cosmos.

Our music had been dwelling in the psychedelic garages of the 1960's for the past couple sets, but we're strolling through a bit more of the cyber-future this time around.  "Neon Buddhas" takes a sonic trajectory through time, with the Glaze picking up the warbled vibrations of 80's synth pop and 90's shoegaze once again.  "Hang on to What You've Got" is my Billy Idol moment, while "Luminous Tapestry" visits a time signature that I don't think any of us can deal with it again.  You'll find "One Step Beyond" attempting to melt your face off, while "Out of Your Mind" is one of the poppiest things we've sent out into the wilderness.  Please do send us your signals.

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Bobupapa said...

This might be my all-time favorite collection. I find myself on a mind roll with a number of these tunes; the melodies are most appealing, and the harmonies and instrumentals fill in all the remaining spaces. Great music!